Wood Veneer

Lightweight Solutions to Heavy Design Challenges

When your design demands the rich warmth and timeless elegance of wood, you don’t have to sacrifice your vision – or the quality of the end-product. Wood veneers impart the look you want while ensuring your cab meets rigorous weight and elevator code requirements.

Wood veneers offer beauty and flexibility, allowing you to achieve project objectives with ease. With a large variety of veneers to choose from, you can create the look, feel and warmth you need for your interiors.

Tree-Friendly Manufacturing

At SnapCab, we dedicate ourselves to lean manufacturing. We know we can provide a quality product while minimizing cost, waste and environmental impact. To follow this value, we work with manufacturers who see things the same way. The wood veneers available with SnapCab interiors come from a partner who believes in sustainability.

Each of our veneer panels feature engineered wood created with eco-friendly methods. The engineered wood-manufacturing process lets you enjoy the appearance of different wood species on a sustainable material. Our producers use common, fast-growing tree species to craft their veneers. This produces a beautiful veneer with a lower carbon footprint.

Free Samples Available

We understand that some clients like to see their materials in-person. As we work with you to design your elevator or custom Pod, we can give you a firsthand look at your veneer. After we provide a quote, we can send you a sample of your selected veneer so you can see the color and quality for yourself. Our team wants you to feel confident in your design, including your choice of panels. You can also ask your interior specialist for additional samples at any point in the ordering process.

Compatible SnapCab Products

Wood veneer is available with SnapCab Elevator. See which designs are available with wood veneer by visiting our online showroom.