High Pressure Laminate

Expand Your Design Horizons.

Color. Pattern. Texture. Flexibility. Creativity. Laminates help you create a full sensory experience in your interiors.

High Pressure Laminates are available in today’s most popular colors and patterns, a cost-effective choice that offers great aesthetics and performance. You can opt to take your design to the next level: Premium. Here, the color and pattern options expand, as does product resistance to wear and damage. In some cases, HD (High-Definition) will fit the needs of the project with its extensive pattern selection and superior durability. Fortunately, this is a decision with no wrong answer. High Pressure Laminates make it easy to achieve your design goals.

You are not limited to the laminate selections shown. With the SnapCab system, you can choose any standard laminate at no additional cost.

Laminate is available with all SnapCab products (Elevator, Portal, and Pod).