The SnapCab Difference

At SnapCab, we believe in an innovative, outside-the-box approach. In fact, it’s the reason behind our start more than 20 years ago, which began with the SnapCab® Elevator, followed by the SnapCab® Pod and SnapCab® Portal. Our innovative mindset has led to a variety of companies — from Google to Amazon to Microsoft — to call on us for assistance in bringing quality, custom solutions that emphasize the SnapCab difference.

What makes SnapCab a standout from the rest? Find out through our breakdown of the SnapCab difference.

We Walk in Your Shoes


As consumers, we’ve all been there — using a product and wondering why the provider didn’t think of this or that. We try to avoid that dilemma at SnapCab by putting your experience at the forefront of our designs. We start by thinking about what you’re looking for, such as an economical yet attractive and quality elevator interior or an affordable yet tech-infused space for chatting in an otherwise quiet area. From there, we look at form and function, creating something that checks off every box on your list.

We do more than think of our users though. We also consider our installers. That’s why all our products, from the SnapCab Elevator to the SnapCab Pod and SnapCab Portal, are a snap to set up and install. Compared to the past, when you’d have to spend hours pouring over a diagram of confusing instructions, it’s now a hassle-free process to not only design your product but also bring it into your workplace or building with SnapCab.

Our company also focuses on where we make our products, which is why we think of our employees and their opinions. Where can we improve? How is this new process working for everyone? The responses we receive help guide us to make our workplace and lean manufacturing processes even better, which leads to gains for everyone, from our customers to our company.

trashbagWe Provide the Tools for Your Success

Call us detail-oriented or overthinkers, but we sweat every detail. When we’re designing a new product, such as the SnapCab Pod, we consider more than its long-term and daily use, but also how you install it so that you and your team can use it. That’s why we make our installation processes a snap, plus include all the resources you need to get the job done. We’re not kidding — your order comes with all the necessary hardware, plus screw tips, spray cleaner, paper towels and even a trash bag.



We Deliver a Simple Solution to Your Door

Repeatable. Innovative. Those are the concepts our team focuses on when designing our systems. Whether we’re thinking about the simplicity of installations or the innovation of system features, we’re always brainstorming ways to create an innovative system that delivers a simple and repeatable solution that works for everyone. And that’s a part of our commitment to you.


A Legacy of Quality

Today, you’ll find over 15,000 SnapCab interiors across North America. And while we’ve grown, we’ve continued our commitment to making things a snap through quality work and continuous innovation, plus on-time delivery and on-budget personalized products. In fact, when it comes to what’s changed since our start more than two decades ago, it’d be our expanded team of more than 100 professionals, who work to ensure each step of the process, from design to ordering to installation, is streamlined and simple.

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