What the elevator industry has to say…

Survey Form Feedback

1 John P

“We cut our installation time down. We’ve done two cabs in one day.”

John P. – Maryland


2 Bud W

“You’ve got to put one in to really see it. In hours, literally an hour or two it looks gorgeous!”

Bud W. – New York


3 John D

“To know that when a job is delivered, its’ all there, even down to the trash bag!”

John D. – New Hampshire


4 Glenn R

“The installation videos are very helpful.”

Glen R. – Oklahoma


5 Wayne B

“SnapCab is awesome! The time-frame and labor cost savings with your packages is bar none.”

Wayne B. – South Carolina


6 David U

“Prior to selling a SnapCab, the display boards are huge.”

David U. – Massachusetts


7 John T

“With the presentation boards, I can show my customers exactly what their elevator will look like. No other company allows me to do that.”

John T. – Tennessee
8 Gregg L

You help us a lot with design and material ideas. “It’s been a great partnership!”

Gregg L. – New Hampshire


9 Bill B

It’s easy for our mechanics to fill out the order form. “They can usually put in the product quickly. In and out in one day.”

Bill B. – Maryland