Steve Hayes

Steve continually learns a lot from his level of fascination for things in life.

One of Steve Hayes’ favorite quotes is, “Be your own inspiration.” He tries to inspire himself and seize every opportunity to exceed his own goals and expectations – and he brings this mindset of continual improvement to work with him every day. As a Quoting Specialist, Steve is committed to helping SnapCab offer not only the best products, but the best service and experience for our customers.

Steve is responsible for satisfying the needs of our customers and works hand-in-hand with elevator maintenance companies all over the southern United States. Together, they make sure our cab interiors not only go into a lot of elevators – but that they go in with ease.

Prior to his current role, Steve was a SnapCab Production Technician. He applies this knowledge, as well as his extensive manufacturing experience, to guide customers and provide a clear understanding of how and why our product simply sells itself. He is actively involved throughout the process and closely monitors progress to ensure that end results fulfill the vision of the customer.

Born and raised in the south, Steve’s learned to take life at a relaxed pace. Relaxed…and busy! When he’s not helping customers achieve great results, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, and Boston terrier. He loves woodworking, making letterpress stationary, watching documentaries on anything and everything, and reading literature from the Beat and Lost Generation. The more he thinks about it, the more Steve realizes that he is easily fascinated! But that helps him keep things fresh – at home and at work.