Rico Magruder

SnapCab employee, Rico, head shot wearing a black SnapCab polo shirt

Rico is a long-time member of the SnapCab team. As a project manager, Rico works closely with an interior specialist to serve SnapCab customers in the Northeast. He spends his time providing quotes for cab interiors, processing orders, producing drawings and renderings, handling shipping and logistics, and supporting customers — from the start of their projects to completion.

Before he joined SnapCab as a project manager, Rico held several other positions with the company, performing the duties of a welder, installer, shop technician and project engineer. With a professional background in MIG welding and metal assembling, Rico excelled in these positions. Now, he uses his in-depth knowledge of SnapCab’s products and processes to provide amazing customer service. If you need answers to technical questions, Rico’s the person to call.

Growing up, Rico was the youngest of three children in a close-knit, single-parent household. As a kid, he loved getting creative and building things with his hands — a passion that paved his way to SnapCab.

After high school, Rico played league basketball and semi-professional football for nine years. In 2002, he was drafted out of Philadelphia to play professional Slamball in Burbank, California.

After moving to California, Rico started working with us, and the rest is history. He met his wife, Lisa, at SnapCab — and they married in 2007. Today, they have four amazing kids: Ty, Jayden, Aurelia and Sydney.

When he’s not busy helping customers at SnapCab, Rico enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing sports, dancing, listening to music and watching animated movies. He also cherishes time spent fishing, camping, hiking and enjoying nature.

As part of the SnapCab family, Rico impresses his clients with great project results and delights everyone with his silly sense of humor. If you’re a SnapCab customer in the Northeast, you can always count on Rico to provide friendly and knowledgeable service.