Patrick Bell-Landis

Snap Cab Employee Pat Bell wearing a white polo

Whether you need a high quality elevator interior or a loaf of seeded pumpernickel, Pat is your go-to guy.

SnapCab is a team effort; we depend on our committed, expert employees to get the job done – so our customers can get their jobs done. But we expect more: we expect team members who can help us improve, grow, and continue to offer innovative, elegant solutions. This makes Pat Bell-Landis a perfect fit.

Pat works in the Sales Department and is a devoted Lean Manufacturing practitioner. He assists customers in design and value engineering to produce interior finishes that are appealing, durable, and on budget.

Did Pat choose to work with SnapCab because his commute affords him the luxury of walking his dog during his lunch break? Maybe. Mostly, though, he enjoys the challenge and applying his knowledge to help us improve and grow. Before SnapCab, Pat worked in restoration carpentry.

Pat is a husband and father of one son, as well as a lifelong musician and performer. He loves – and we mean loves – to cook. Ask him for a loaf of seeded pumpernickel. The four days it takes…worth it!