Joe Fay

Joe Fay

If there’s one word to describe Joe Fay, it might be “hustle”. Always on the go and never shy to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, it’s Joe’s eclectic experience, work ethic, and easy going nature that make him a perfect fit for the SnapCab team.

Joe’s career has taken him around the globe and across many industries. He started studying at the University of Maryland before going on active duty in the Navy. He was a field medic for two years in the Marine Corps, serving in Operation Desert Storm.

Later, Joe’s extensive medical training led him work in medical equipment sales. Notably, he flourished as a project manager at Johnson & Johnson, where worked closely with architects and equipment planners in the medical industry to get equipment spec’d for hospitals. Eventually, he wound up in residential project management consulting, which colors the way he interacts with SnapCab clientele today.

With his diverse background, Joe has amounted a great deal of experience working with architects and designers. As such, he can talk with anyone and everyone who partners with SnapCab, from end-users to CEOs and administrators. He takes a consultative approach when working with customers, listening to their day-to-day concerns to help them find solutions that will achieve their goals and make their lives easier. His passion and goal-oriented attitude is contagious.

A father of five children, Joe is an avid sports fan who’s always on the go. Now that he’s no longer coaching his kids in football and baseball, he enjoys spending his free time golfing, shooting hoops with his kids, and riding his Harley Davidson Electra Glide.