Joe Danko

SnapCab head-shot photo of Joe Danko wearing a white polo with a broad smile and trimmed mustache/goatee

Elevator interiors, hiking, woodworking, hunting, environmental conservation…so many passions, so little time!

Customers should have high expectations for their elevator interiors. This is a space where people have little to do other than look around, and quality needs to be top-notch. This is where SnapCab’s Joe Danko comes in. As Vice President of Operations, he is committed to ensuring we meet and exceed customer expectations – and our own high standards – and that every aspect of the project from start to finish is efficient and effective.

Joe’s role encompasses a variety of responsibilities: in addition to ensuring that overall quality standards are upheld, he sets guidelines to ensure SnapCab’s values and guarantee that they are top of mind throughout every project. Joe also manages the shop development and installation teams. A critical part of his role, and our lean manufacturing practices, is to evaluate the performance of both employees and machinery. He seeks out more efficient methods of operation to identify (and solve) problems before they occur.

Joe attended EMCO Tech, where he studied carpentry and woodworking, and Bucks County Community College and DVIRC (Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center) to learn Lean Manufacturing. Joe recently returned from the ADUM Lean Study Mission to Japan. For SnapCab, he’s a dream come true.

When he’s not helping beautify the inside of elevators, Joe is outside. He’s fortunate to have two great kids who love the Great Outdoors as much as he does, and his family spends a lot of time hiking and exploring together. They are also committed to volunteering, especially with causes that promote environmental and historical conservation. Hiking, drag racing, flying, woodworking, hunting, and fishing…so many hobbies, so little time!