Jason King

Head-shot photo of SnapCab's Jason King wearing a white polo, glasses and a full beard

Jason’s philosophy on life, work, and family? “It’s all good.”

A great system without great employees is useless. We need the best of the best. The cream of the crop. The A players. The Jason Kings. When he started at SnapCab, Jason was considered a “handy guy to have around.” “Handy” doesn’t begin to describe it: today, he is an integral part of our growth – and of our customers’ exceptional results.

Jason is an Interior Specialist. Translation: he ensures the customer experience is as easy and streamlined as possible. He has facilitated the installation of hundreds of high-profile projects on the east coast. Responsible for estimating, quoting, aspects of project management, and communicating with customers, Jason also bestows his vast SnapCab knowledge and the value of his experience on coworkers. But the real reason we keep him around? He’s pretty funny.

While SnapCab is a lean company, Jason preferred to use a 4S approach: storing, scattering, superfluous, stuff. He’s recently switched to the more efficient and effective 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) – and it is transforming his house! His family is a ragtag crew of teachers, doctors, nurses, master bakers, college students, high school students, and an elevator cab salesman who enjoy spending time together. As Jason says, “It’s all good….”