Glenn Bostock

Profile picture of Glenn Bostock, SnapCab team member

A craftsman at heart, Glenn built a company with the same meticulous care and passion that he pours into his woodworking.

SnapCab CEO Glenn Bostock’s definition of success: ensuring the company he built grows independently of him. That’s why he sees being a coach as one of his most important responsibilities. Assembling a stellar team of committed professionals – and ensuring that they embrace the mission and vision of the company will help SnapCab continue to thrive in the future. And in the present too, of course!

Glenn is a craftsman at heart. As a child, he spent countless hours, crafting and creating in his parents’ basement. As he’s said of woodworking: “It was the only thing I could do well. I couldn’t juggle, and no one would let me operate on them.”

This drove him to Bucks County Community College for Fine Woodworking and he completed an apprenticeship at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, making ecclesiastical furniture. With this experience under his tool belt, Glenn opened his own shop, specializing in high-end furniture, cabinets, and the occasional elevator interior.

After Glenn identified a need for a more convenient, simplified process for elevator remodels, his shop turned into the business we’re all working at today. He developed a patented system of interlocking panels that gave building owners, elevator maintenance companies, architects, and designers an elegant solution to a once-complex, time-consuming problem.

By the time he retires, Glenn wants SnapCab to continue its momentum and thrive – while he’s out on the lake sailing or traveling with his wife! He also hopes to take the knowledge and experience he’s gained from growing his business to help other organizations grow.