Chris Cramer

Profile picture of Chris C., SnapCab team member

As a project manager for our architectural products, Chris leads with solutions and helps you find the Pod or Portal of your dreams. Not only that, but he’ll keep you smiling and relaxed during the entire process.

Chris is from Warrington, PA and started at SnapCab as a product technician. This tenacious individual then became an installation team member, until he finally moved on up to project manager. Today, you can find him handling entire projects with ease thanks to all his experiences as a technician and an installer.

The most important thing to know about Chris is that he loves to laugh. He’ll keep any customer relaxed during the whole process of purchasing and installing a Pod or Portal thanks to his sense of humor — which also keeps the fun alive for his SnapCab team members, too!

There’s no denying that Chris enjoys what he does. He likes helping SnapCab’s clients find the best Pod or Portal for their space, and he’s even more satisfied when the entire project runs smoothly from start to finish. You’re in great hands with Chris, who won’t rest until your Pod or Portal is designed and installed precisely to your specifications.

Outside of work, Chris is surrounded by women as a husband and a father of two daughters. He enjoys hiking, visiting parks and spending time with his family, especially when they can all hike together. Chris also has a commitment to lifelong learning. He loves to read and study — whether it’s for work or learning about an entirely new concept.