Brian Godshall

Brian Godshall employee profile shot for SnapCab

Whether he’s helping his boys build with LEGOS or helping his clients build the best elevator interiors, Brian loves putting the pieces together and creating great things.

While we pride ourselves on innovative – and continually improving – elevator interiors, we’re equally proud of the partnerships that we forge with sales reps, superintendents, mechanics, architects, designers, and property owners. People like Brian Godshall are the glue that hold these relationships together and allow us to form new connections that’ll propel SnapCab into the future.

Motivated and results-driven, Brian holds dual positions with SnapCab. In his primary role as Marketing Manager, he is involved in web, print, and electronic advertising, as well as industry tradeshows and other key events. His goal is to show – not tell! – how SnapCab’s innovative systems offer unmatched design freedom, versatility, convenience, and top-notch service – if he does say so himself.

And while achieving all this, Brian has plenty of energy to devote to his family. Brian and his wife have three children, who Brian helps coach in baseball, wrestling, and LEGO building – with three kids, it can be a contact sport!