Antonio Carrabba

Raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Antonio boasts experience that crosses the globe — he’s lived in South America, North America and Europe and can speak English, Spanish and Italian. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing and public relations from the University of Wales, he relocated to Canada. He now lives in Kingston, where he works as part of our Product Specialist team. His experience includes customer service, digital marketing, social media, web design and advertising, and we rely on his expertise to help us develop the Pod and Portal market.

Antonio’s passion for technology and design are what drew him to SnapCab, Inc.’s mission. Any challenge that lets him combine the two into something attractive and easy to use has his interest. The beauty and functionality that the SnapCab Pod and Portal provide fit that description, and when he had the chance to join us at SnapCab, he gladly accepted the offer. His dedication inspires our Canadian Manufacturing team to push the boundaries of interior spaces.

In his spare time, Antonio enjoys sports and nature. Long walks let him take in his surroundings and clear his head, and he enjoys viewing just about any sport — if it’s on, he’ll gladly watch it! Antonio admits that whether watching or playing, though, soccer is one of his favorites. He’s a die-hard Real Madrid fan (Hala Madrid!), and inspired by his favorite Club de Fútbol, he loves to play soccer himself. You can also find Antonio on the tennis court where he enjoys practicing his serves and participating in some friendly competition.

As a Product Specialist, Antonio monitors market trends and guides our product lines. He helps our team think outside the box and stay ahead of the competition.