Allison Grange

Allison Grange is a relatively new member of the SnapCab family. When she first discovered the company, she was impressed by the energy in the SnapCab building as well as our tight-knit team culture.

Since joining SnapCab, Allison has quickly become a vital part of the company, using her diverse marketing skill set to share the SnapCab brand and product range with the world — on social media and everywhere else.

Allison excels at creating innovative marketing strategies, visual brand identities, websites and social media campaigns, and she brings her work to life using her keen eye for photography and videography. Using these many talents, she built SnapCab’s marketing strategy from the ground up. As her marketing efforts continue to drive the SnapCab brand’s success in new directions, we’re starting to wonder if there’s anything Allison can’t do!

Outside of her work with SnapCab, Allison is an ambitious professional and lifelong learner. She owns Fresh Voice Media, a company that offers creative marketing solutions to businesses, and as part of her work, she seeks additional industry knowledge.

A 2005 graduate of Humber College, Allison first received a diploma in journalism before going on to earn a certificate in social media from Algonquin College and credentials for completing the Design@Work program at The Graphic Design School. Since finishing her formal education, Allison has continued to hone her skills, attending various photography and videography workshops and courses.

When she isn’t working at SnapCab or absorbing new marketing knowledge, Allison enjoys spending time with her family. She lives with her husband Mitchell and their two young daughters, Isla and Georgia, who keep them very busy.

In her rare free time, you can find Allison thrift shopping, reading, seeing her friends, sampling new coffees and listening to podcasts.

Allison loves working with SnapCab, and we love having her on our team! She brings an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to her work and her marketing helps inform tons of new customers about our products.