Transform Your Meeting Room With The SnapCab Portal

Businesses, organizations, and professionals have become adept at making the most of their resources, from maximizing each dollar of their budgets to leveraging materials to the fullest. Would it surprise you, then, to learn that you’re under-utilizing a key asset? Your walls. This is prime real estate: go beyond TVs mounted to meeting room walls and tired whiteboards. Opt for the SnapCab Portal.

Smart Walls

With its clean and contemporary look, the SnapCab Portal will transform a regular wall into an intelligent, integrated multi-media wall. From enhancing conference capability to providing way-finding and interactive accent walls for businesses, institutions, and organizations – the application potential is limited only by imagination and ingenuity.

So imagine what you can do with this platform and its enhanced features:

    • 65 inch SUHD TV. You’ll enjoy Quantum Dot nano-crystal technology for crisp, vibrant color, 4K ultra-high definition for laser-sharp images, and multiple connection possibilities. Flush to the Corning® Gorilla® Glass surface, this TV provides a truly immersive experience.
  • Full connectivity. Leverage the versatility of HDMI, USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can integrate mini computers, Apple TV, Fire Stick, additional monitors, external mics, and more to display video conference, messages, stream videos… the list goes on and on.
  • Integrated speakers. With the Portal, ultra-thin, ultra-versatile Gorilla® Glass becomes the speakers. Seamlessly integrated, there are no holes or grills to mar the smooth surface.
  • Writable surface. Both the standard gloss and anti-glare Gorilla® Glass offer an exceptional surface for writing – a next-gen whiteboard. Scribble down notes from a conference, brainstorm with your team, plot out a plan, or make a to-do list. For markers and erasers, hinged magnetic side trims provide hidden storage.
  • Quick, easy specification. With a simple order form and pre-written specification document on our website (insert link to spec), selecting a Portal couldn’t be simpler. The standard model features either Brilliant White or Noir Black Corning® Gorilla® Glass. From there, simply select the size. That’s all there is to it. And if you do want a customized Portal, the sky’s the limit (though the lead-time and price will be affected).

The beauty of the Portal is that it’s future proof: its non-proprietary technology allows you to add and upgrade any features you’d like, except for the TV. The portal platform enables you to utilize the tools more efficiently and effectively.

The Nuts and Bolts

Transform your walls to dynamic, educational, helpful, beautiful, interactive surfaces. All you need is the Portal, power and data connections, and… a wall. Available in 12 width and two height options, the Portal can be easily utilized in conference rooms, entryways, and other spaces throughout your building. When selecting a wall, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The Portal has hinged side cover plates, which open for access to electrical components. Allow a clearance of at least 1.5 inches, but for full access, allow for a clearance of at least 5.5 inches.
  • The total depth of the unit is 4.875 inches from the back to the panel face. Make sure to factor this into your planning.
  • The Portal must be positioned at least four inches off the floor.
  • The Portal requires power and data. Make sure to choose a wall that offers easy access to those connections. Ideally the power and data should be located 66” from the Portal’s bottom edge and 12” from the Portal’s right edge.

A A heavy gauge rigid aluminum substructure provides the “bones” of the system, and this can be mounted to virtually any surface (e.g. brick, drywall, steel studs, etc.). The Portal can be installed in just four to six hours. And, best of all, the innovative panel system enables you to pack it up and move it if you want to relocate. It’s a flexible – and competitively priced – asset that you can use not only for a variety of purposes, but in a variety of places.

If your walls are currently blank canvases, or your meeting rooms are ready for an upgrade, the SnapCab Portal can help you paint vibrant and brand- -building messages on them. Maximize the impact of these prominent features – and turn them into compelling, functional focal points. Be sure to check out the latest Portal designs at the AIA Convention and NeoCon.

Your Office, Your Way: How A SnapCab Pod Can Transform Your Workspace

Your workspace should facilitate productivity, inspire innovation, and cultivate creativity. Should. Too often, though, we’re subjected to the daily distractions and lack of privacy in a busy office setting inhabits. Until now. With the SnapCab Pod, you can reinvent your professional environment – and realize enhanced results.

Open Office Design: Coping In A Shared Workspace

Open office plans present a cost-effective way to accommodate fluctuations in staffing and maximize floor space. And, when done well, can even foster communication among colleagues and an atmosphere of approachability. Definitely a step up from the era of office cubicles.
But there is a drawback. As the workspace becomes an incubator for collaboration, your privacy diminishes. Your business is everyone’s business; making important calls, meeting with colleagues or having confidential conversations can be a challenge.

The SnapCab Pod is a small meeting room or “huddle room” that provides a quiet, private space. Rather than trying to “drown out your coworkers,” you can simply close the 3/8″ tempered glass door and get to work.


Simple And Right-Sized

Available in three sizes – S (1-2 people), M (2-4 people), and L (4-6 people – or one nice-sized office for one) – the Pod features:Pods 2017

  • Sound-masking design. The Pod features seals around the door, panels on the inside and outside walls, an acoustical felt ceiling, and carpeting on the floor that all help to dampen sounds.
  • Lighting. Low-profile LED fixtures offer indirect light, and the drop ceiling design disguises the fixture for a clean look. The light is soft and conducive to no-glare screen use.
  • Exhaust fan and venting. You’ll have plenty of ventilation while you work, since the SnapCab Pod is equipped with a fan. The fan also provides white noise, helping with sound suppression. Both lighting and fan are motion-activated for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Power source and USB charging. Feel free to power up your devices, plug in your computer and settle in for a productive session. A bit of quiet can help you recharge your own batteries as well.
  • Add-on accessories. Opt to include bench seating and a wall-mounted solid phenolic laminate table. The furniture is custom-made, simple, and right-sized for your needs.

Making Your Life (And Work) Easier

Got a few hours to spare in your day? Then you have time to revamp your office. The Pod comes flat-packed, is a free-standing structure and does not require specialized labor to assemble. Cancel the pricey maintenance contractor or skilled technician. If you can put together a futon or bookshelf, you can handle a Pod.

Other ways Pods make your life easier – and better

  • You get to play Tetris. If you were to buy several Pods in different sizes, you could create a well-finished office space in 48 hours or less. Further, you have the freedom to configure your space as efficiently and effectively as possible—like a game of Tetris. For example, you position a few Pods corner to corner, you create additional nooks in between. Mix it up for a perfect fit.
  • They roll. Effortlessly. Thanks to casters, you can push an S with one arm. You may have to exert slightly – just slightly – more effort with an L. Move the Pod where you want it, lock it in place and start using. It’s that simple. If you need to move it, whether across the room or to a new site, it’s as easy as moving a desk.
  • Like furniture – only better. The Pods are classified as Systems Furniture (Section 12 59 00). That means you don’t have to jump through any complicated hoops. You literally order, assemble, and use.
  • Streamlined from Step 1. Quiet workspace, simplified. From ordering a Pod to assembling it, the entire process is easy. Other companies with similar type products can require many weeks of lead-time, not to mention limited options, cumbersome installation, and requisite specialized labor. There is a better way.
  • Standard models – and more. The standard, off-the-shelf Pod is gloss white laminate inside and out. You also have the option of upgrading to virtually any laminate from any laminate manufacturer.

Take your Pod to the next level by adding ultra-strong, versatile Corning® Gorilla® Glass for gorgeous color and a writeable surface, or go for premium by choosing one of our beautiful panoramic gigapixel images, printed in full living color and exquisite detail on Corning® Gorilla® Glass. When you walk into the Pod, you’ll be treated to a remarkable experience. Though the space is small, the impact is immense.

Imagine – And Realize – The Possibilities

While Pods are a natural fit in open offices, their lean, mean, adaptable design ensures they can be deployed wherever quiet, private space is required. From restaurants, airports, and trade shows to schools, libraries, and health clinics, the applications are numerous.

If you could use a bit of “closed” in an open environment, the SnapCab Pod can help. By providing flexibility, versatility, and adaptability, you can transform the way you work. Be sure to check out the latest Pod designs at the AIA Convention and NeoCon.

Everything You Need To Know About the SnapCab Elevator Interior System

The elevator was the key to the modern city; it revolutionized the entire nature of buildings – and how people interact with them. In an industry built on innovation and problem-solving, SnapCab continues to develop creative solutions for 21st century needs and challenges.

With over 15,000 installations across the continent, strong relationships with all major elevator maintenance companies, and strategic partnerships with heavyweights like Corning Incorporated, SnapCab has become the undisputed leader in elevator interior systems. But we’re not letting that slow us down; continuous innovation and improvement continues to be the foundation of our high-rising company.

What Is The SnapCab System?

The SnapCab elevator interior system consists of modular, interlocking panels that stack one on top of the other. Thanks to this streamlined installation method pioneered by SnapCab Founder and CEO Glenn Bostock, the job can be done in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Instead of days, elevators can be remodeled in hours. One-day installation delivers significant cost savings to customers and ensures minimal downtime for their elevators.

Our system makes remodeling elevators interiors a far more efficient process in two main ways:

    1. Before Installation: SnapCab’s modular systems relieve the headache of code compliance and weight restrictions when planning and designing new elevator interiors. All SnapCab products are E84 tested in their end use-configurations, so that the interiors meet the ASME code requirements. And every quote comes with the product weights listed so there’s no guesswork.


  • During Installation: Not only are the interlocking panels simple and quick to install, the process is also streamlined because we include every single item elevator mechanics need to complete the job – right down to the garbage bags to dispose of the waste. This entirely eliminates the downtime for trips to the hardware store or back to the shop. At the same time, we do not sacrifice aesthetics for ease and convenience. Customers can choose from an enormous variety of quality materials, finishes, and styles so that they meet their unique design goals and create the look and feel they want.


Why Elevator Interiors? SnapCab: A History of Craftsmanship and Problem Solving

The seeds for SnapCab were sown in Glenn Bostock’s parents’ basement, where, as a child, he spent hours working with wood. After studying Fine Wood Working at Bucks County Community College and apprenticing as an ecclesiastical furniture maker, Glenn opened his own shop specializing in high-end furniture and custom cabinetry, as well as wood repair and refinishing.

One day, a company contacted Glenn about remodeling its elevators to match the reception desk. As word got out, he spent more and more time remodeling elevator interiors, a job few people did – and one that was slowed and complicated by the arduous practice of removing the entire cab to work on it, or using complicated clip systems that took 3 to 4 days to install.

To remedy this, Glenn developed his patented panel system: SnapCab was born, and we have been helping customers save time, money, and aggravation on remodels and new builds for 20 years.

A craftsman at heart, Glenn and the SnapCab team devote exacting, meticulous care into all of our work. The result is visually stunning interiors that meet applicable codes – and customers’ high expectations.

Less Hassle, Better Results: The Simple SnapCab Philosophy

SnapCab’s philosophy can be summed up easily: Elevator interiors simplified. Everything – from designing to ordering to installing – is designed for ease, convenience, and superior results. The emphasis on simplicity, value, and exceptional customer service is intertwined through every facet of the business:

  • On Time: Panels – and everything teams needs to install them – are delivered on time, as evidenced by our better than 98% on time delivery over the last 3 years.
  • Ready To Go: Our team completes as much work in the factory as possible to save clients’ install time and to reduce the impact on the building’s occupants.
  • Tailored To the Customer: We respect the individual budgets and timelines of each unique project – and the team will work tirelessly to meet each customer’s individual needs.
  • 360 Degree Support: Friendly, expert advice is available throughout the process from start to finish.
  • Safety Obsessed:Quality, Compliance, Ease, and Efficiency – these are pillars of the SnapCab system. But they all take a backseat to the most critical factor: safety.
  • No Fear Culture: Innovation is a way of life for the SnapCab team; we encourage our employees to solve problems with creative collaboration.

Ordered, Personalized, Delivered: A Look at the SnapCab Manufacturing Process

SnapCab panels and systems are made to order and manufactured in the USA, as well as Canada. After customers select the panel style they want and we receive the measurements, we get to work manufacturing them in one of our facilities.

The models in our catalog can be modified to fit specific aesthetic requirements, so clients always have the ability and flexibility to achieve their design goals. Altering their design to fit within standard models cuts down on the cost and time of fully custom jobs – without cutting down on aesthetics and quality.

Additionally, with free design services, including presentation boards and 3D renderings, customers can see their design coming to life before their interior ever arrives in the building.

All of our catalogue models are E84 end-use configuration tested. That is, the individual components are assembled as a unit (as they will be in the customer’s elevator interior) and then tested to ensure safety and code-compliance.

Lean and Mean: How Smarter Manufacturing Enables Better Customer Service

SnapCab values continuous improvement. The Lean Manufacturing model encourages our entire team to innovate ways to improve quality, reduce lead-time, decrease waste, and focus on teamwork and effective communications. What does this mean for our customers? High-quality products delivered on time, at the lowest possible cost and with greater efficiency.

We employ methods such as 5S (Sort, Shine, Set in order, Standardize, and Sustain), Total Productive Maintenance, Kanbans, Value Stream Mapping, and more, to efficiently and quickly provide high-quality products for exceptional elevator interiors – and pass the cost and resource savings on to our customers.

Our Lean manufacturing process was one of the factors that caught the eye of Corning Incorporated (creators of Gorilla® Glass). Together, we can leverage our respective histories of innovation to develop creative solutions for the next generation of elevator interiors.

Remodels and New Builds: Simplify Your Elevator Interiors

SnapCab systems work with all elevator cab shells; our versatile solutions can and will enhance the appearance and durability of our customers’ interiors. In addition to world-class interior panels and ceilings, we provide thoughtful, timely, and high-quality service and support to simplify remodels – or new builds – every step of the way.

Ask the expert! Contact Caleb Morrison here.