How SnapCab Pods Work

While open spaces, whether for an office or a library, make it easy to touch base with team members, they can also contribute to a ton of noise. That’s where SnapCab Pods come in. With our convenient, sound-resistant and portable Pods, you and your team can make your day-to-day tasks easier, as well as quieter.

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Why Choose SnapCab Pods?

We are proud to offer Pods designed with our customers in mind.  We put in the time to ensure our Pods are not only quality and beautiful, but are a simple solution to the needs of an open space environment.  Here are three main reasons we are the best:

Design to your Taste

Select from hundreds of laminate colors, optional acoustic panels and beautiful Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

Wheel into Place

Create a new layout or just move your Pod over an inch. It’s simple thanks to hidden wheels in the base of the Pod.

Update your Space

Easily replace one or all of your Pod exterior wall panels to coordinate with new décor by changing the color or image.

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SnapCab Pods for Office Spaces, Schools and More

At SnapCab, we designed our Pods for office spaces, schools, libraries and other organizations by considering the challenges you face every day, whether as a librarian, restaurant manager or office supervisor. That’s why our SnapCab Pods include several features that make your day even better:

  • Office Pod DesignPortability: The challenge with built-in conference rooms is they’re immobile. With our Pods, you have a portable private space that your team can move with ease throughout your building. All you need to do is push the Pod to its new area – It is a hassle-free process.
  • Efficiency: Nobody wants a vampire appliance. That’s why our Pod workstations are energy-friendly. Their lights, which are energy-efficient LEDs, and exhaust fan are motion-activated, which prevents unnecessary energy use.
  • Design: Students, staff, patrons — they all rely on a workstation booth to accomplish something, whether it’s making a phone call, finishing a project or studying for an exam. We’ve designed our Pod workstation to help with these tasks, such as by including a power bar with USB support for charging laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Sound: We understand that a private office space offers your team a quiet place to work. That’s why our portable, sound-resistant rooms are virtually soundproof and designed to eliminate everyday distraction— courtesy of a felt ceiling, high-quality seals and carpeting. Plus, our Pod’s ventilation fan also produces white noise, which suppresses distracting sounds outside even more.

Another feature of SnapCab Pods are three convenient sizes, which include:

  • Pod S — seats one to two people
  • Pod M — seats two to four people
  • Pod L — seats four to six people

With multiple sizes, you can arrange your Pods into a finished layout for your office space in hours.

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Personalizing Your Office Space and Pod Workstation

While our Pod workstations may be portable, they’re a part of your workplace. Why not personalize them to match your company colors, building design or rebranding efforts? The best part is if you want to revamp the look of your privacy booths down the line, you can! Modifiable features include:


SnapCab Pod S in Office

With our workstation booths, you can pick the furniture you want and opt out of the accessories you don’t. Giving you the ability to personalize your booth to your needs and preferred look. Accessories we offer as add-ons include:

  • Bench seating – All our furniture comes sized for your private office Pod’s exclusive design.
  • Wall-mounted table


Panels for our Pod workstations — which include interior and exterior panels — give you complete design control. While they do increase your lead time, as well as cost, you have the freedom to choose any laminate from any manufacturer. We also offer Corning® Gorilla® Glass options, which let you add the following to your workstation Pod’s panels:

  • Patterns
  • Gigapixel panoramic images
  • Solid colors -Standard SnapCab Pods come with a high-gloss, white laminate.

Installing Your Private Office Spaces

Our private office spaces avoid the hassle, expense, and noise, of typical construction. Installing our noise barrier booth is — as we like to say — a snap. In fact, our SnapCab Pods offer the industry’s fastest installation times. Installation of your Pod is fast thanks to its modular construction, clear labeling, and plug-and-play electrical connection. All our SnapCab Pods include a limited three-year warranty, too.

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Make Life Easier With SnapCab Room Pods

Whether you’re looking to provide a quiet getaway, phone booth, meeting space or conference room, you can do it all with our award-winning SnapCab Pods, which companies like Microsoft, General Motors, and Amazon trust. Discover what our prefabricated office spaces can bring to your facility, today!

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