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Pod Help Us

January 2019

By the time your library’s interior remodeling project is finished, patron demands may have changed. That’s why many libraries are shifting to modular solutions… SnapCab launced its series of standalone, movable privacy rooms in 2017. Continue Reading

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SnapCab Pod News - Amazon

Kingston’s Pod Business

January 2019

A small pod business continues to grow in Kingston, planning to quadruple its manufacturing in 2019. While SnapCab used to only manufacture elevator panel interiors, it has taken that expertise and technology to create small workspace pods. The pods have taken off around the world. The company now has a huge partnership with Steelcase, one […]

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SnapCab - Inside The Blueprint on Fox Business

SnapCab Featured on Inside the Blueprint, Airing on Fox Business

January 2019

Media Advisory Immediate Release: January 10, 2019   Warrington, Pennsylvania and Kingston, Ontario’s own SnapCab will be featured on Inside the Blueprint, airing on Fox Business, this Sunday, January 13 at 5:00 p.m. EST. The segment will feature our SnapCab Pods, the ideal office solution – quiet, stand-alone, movable workspaces that promote focus and collaboration. It will also focus on […]

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Corning Logo Large

A Closer Look at SnapCab Innovation Office Solutions

July 2018

Several Corning facilities in the U.S. are featuring SnapCab® Pod office spaces of the future and SnapCab® Portal collaboration spaces featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The Pod and Portal debuted at North America’s design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, (NeoCon) this past summer – where both products attracted great attention and the Pod received the […]

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Neocon 2018: Highlights From The Golden Year

And that’s a wrap! NeoCon 2018, North America’s largest and most popular contract furnishing exhibition, just completed its long-awaited 50th edition. This year’s exhibitors highlighted what the future of design will look like, with some spectacular contemporary and biophilia inspired designs. Here’s our highlights from the show. Continue Reading

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Elevator World June 2018

Focus on Cabs and Cab Aesthetics

July 2018

Clear Vision for the Future In this Industry Dialogue, SnapCab President Corinna Mossberg talks about how the company, is evolving with Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Elevator World – June 2018 by Kaija Wilkinson After a 25-year career with Otis, Corinna Mossberg (CM) was named president of SnapCab, headquartered in Warrington, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, earlier this year,to […]

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June 2018

Since 1969, The Mart in Chicago hosts an event by the name of “NeoCon.” NeoCon is a convention that offers inspiration and ideas that shape the Architecture and Design Community of today and the future. It includes furniture, flooring, fabrics, and architectural elements in individual showrooms or booths by manufacturers, and opportunities to take seminars […]

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Steelcase Showroom

A New Day at NeoCon 2018

Steelcase is signaling a new day in workplace design at NeoCon 2018, unveiling new innovative products, partnerships, an acquisition and compelling spaces. These introductions give customers easy access to more choices, helping organizations create great employee experiences in the workplace. The newly expanded and redesigned showrooms have already won International Interior Design Association (IIDA) & […]

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Unitized Curtainwall, Decorative Glass on Display at AIA

The AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 continues today at the Javits Center in New York. YKK AP America’s unitized curtainwall was on display. Company officials say it allows contract glaziers to do more work in the shop more efficiently, rather than in the field where the environment is less controlled and not as safe. This […]

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Steelcase logo

Steelcase Unveils New Showrooms, Partnerships & Product Innovations at NeoCon 2018

Steelcase is signaling a new day in workplace design at NeoCon 2018, unveiling innovative new products, partnerships, an acquisition and compelling spaces.  These introductions give customers easy access to more choices, helping organizations create great employee experiences in the workplace. The newly expanded and redesigned showrooms were awarded the Best in Competition for the IIDA/Contract […]

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Snap Cab Article - Glenn Bostock's Remarkable Success Journey

SnapCab and Glenn Bostock’s Remarkable Success Journey

February 2018

It is a story of compelling inspiration, of the power of hope and positivity and a true lesson in perseverance, not just for other entrepreneurs, but for anyone striving to better their circumstances and their lives. The story of SnapCab® is the story of Glenn Bostock and how he took advantage of every opportunity thrust […]

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The cover of JPM Nov/Dec 2017 magazine featuring boxes and an article on Package Management Lockers

New Products Spotlight

November 2017

In open office environments, it can be difficult to find quiet places to have one-on-one meetings or just private phone conversations. The Snapab Pod gives you a place to conduct these activities that’s not only private but movable. Utilizing a patented system of panels that interlock, the Pods offer loads of opportuities for customization. Continue […]

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The Power of Threes article

The power of threes

Innovative partnership between ETI, Panasonic and SnapCab result in great potential for themed entertainment. On the face of it, there wouldn’t seem to be much in common between ETI, Panasonic and SnapCab. But the three companies have come together with an idea already taking root in the business world, with hopes of inspiring creative designers […]

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SnapCab images highlighting SnapCab office meeting pods and other third party products such as Allied Commercial Heat Pumps.

The Office Space of the Future

August 2017

With new workspace offerings featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass, collaboration is coming to an office space near you! The workplace is getting a makeover. With the advent of digital technology and seamless connectivity, your traditional office environment is a soon-to-be distant memory. Say goodbye to cubicles. Modular workspaces and collaborative surfaces that can accommodate one person […]

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NeoCon 2017: If you need to add a quiet space for phone calls or brainstorming onto your open floor plan, check out this freestanding pod

July 2017

SnapCab, a provider of interlocking panels for elevator interiors and beyond, recently announced the launch of two versatile systems designed to help businesses and organizations maximize resources, space and functionality, one of which won a Silver Best of NeoCon award in the Workplace Technologies category at NeoCon 2017. The SnapCab Portal and the SnapCab Pod are said to […]

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SnapCab Pod and SnapCab Portal in Retrofit Magazine Screenshot

Contract Consulting Group Shares Top Trends from NeoCon 2017

As the “main event” of the industry, NeoCon gives us a glimpse of emerging and evolving trends each year. Contract Consulting Group (CCG), a research-led strategy firm focused exclusively on the contract interiors market, pooled perspectives from an expanding base of talented industry consultants to bring you this summary of top trends at NeoCon 2017. […]

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SnapCab Pod and Portal Press Release - Launch Business-Enhancing System

SnapCab® to Launch Business-Enhancing Systems

June 2017

SnapCab is excited to announce the launch of two versatile systems: the SnapCab Portal and the SnapCab Pod. Designed to help businesses and organizations maximize resources, space, and functionality, the Portal and Pod combine top-shelf design, easy specification, and fast assembly to offer simple, seamless solutions. SnapCab launched the Portal and Pod at the 2017 […]

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Press adition

5 of the Coolest Office Design Trends Seen at NeoCon 2017

What a show! We’ve just returned from the annual National Exposition of Contract Furnishing show — more commonly known as NeoCon. This year marks the 49th annual NeoCon event, which has been held every year at the venerable art deco Merchandise Mart in Chicago since 1969. This year’s impressive stats included over 1,000,000 sq. ft. […]

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Office Insights

Best of NeoCon 2017

It’s one-week post-NeoCon, and so we present an iteration of Contract magazine’s Best of NeoCon 2017 competition of contract furnishings products. The esteemed awards competition recognized 89 products by 59 companies in 44 categories; that’s one more award than last year’s count! The honors included 39 Gold Awards, 42 Silver Awards, 10 Innovation Awards, and […]

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BoF The Business of Future blue magazine cover with headline, From Walls to Wheels to Workstations

From Walls to Wheels to Workstations

If there is one thing the BoF staff unanimously praised, it was the quality and diversity of products (and more importantly, ideas) found on the seventh floor. It’s not like this is the first year the seventh has become a must-attend area of the show, but it is the first time it was so broadly […]

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The Silicon Review - 50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year

From Elevator Interiors to Open Office and Conference Rooms SnapCab is Changing the Environment we Work in.

In a luxury-­seeking world, which one, you think, shall be preferred between­ an elevator and an umpteen number of stairs? I guess the former would get maximum vote for it personifies comfort, style and ease for every age group of people. Believing in providing outstanding quality, SnapCab, an architectural remodeling company has promised to deliver […]

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In a Snap: Gorilla Glass May Be Coming to an Installation Near You

July 2016

Last year at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) convention, elevator panel company SnapCab featured its then-new concept of decorative wall panels clad with Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Earlier this year at the 2016 AIA Show, that concept was put into practice at the company’s booth. In 2015, virtually SnapCab’s entire setup was regarding elevator interior […]

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Elevator World magazine cover of a ECNY Supplier Showcase - photo of the elevator's interior

SnapCab – Gorilla Glass, A Perfect Fit

June 2016

Ask SnapCab to describe the growth of the elevator interior company’s collaboration with Corning Gorilla Glass (ELEVATOR WORLD, August 2014) in one word, and it is “explosive.” Cab panels made of the durable, versatile, lightweight, scratch-resistant glass (used for years to protect smartphones and tablets) are gaining traction among customers as they come to understand its benefits. Continue Reading

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Going Up? Elevators Take Gorilla Glass to the Next Level

October 2015

Watch just the first 60 seconds of Corning’s four year-old video “A Day Made of Glass,” and it’s clear the company envisions a future where its specialty glass is literally everywhere. “When we talk to architects about the video, they’ll ask, ‘what’s real, and what’s in the future?’” says Keith Glovins, Corning’s commercial director of […]

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Elevator World

SnapCab Collaborates with Corning

April 2015

Corning® Gorilla® Glass is a very tough, scratch-resistant glass that protects billions of smartphones and tablets, on dozens of major brands, from daily abuse, yet enables us to view high-definition pictures without distortion. The glass can flex without breaking and withstand impact from everyday occurrences. In short, it is the material of choice for tough, […]

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Gorilla Glass

Corning® Announces Commercial Agreement with SnapCab

February 2014

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced a commercial agreement with SnapCab® Elevator Interior Systems for thin, lightweight, durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass. SnapCab will design Gorilla Glass into its modular wall-panel systems, which are used in residential and commercial elevators. The same Gorilla Glass that has helped protect handheld electronic devices will now be used in […]

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magazine page

Going Up

November 2013

When Glenn Bostock began a custom woodworking company in 1983, he had no idea that he would eventually revolutionize the elevator industry. But when he began creating customized elevator interiors for business clients, that’s exactly what he did. Gradually, Bostock and his team began to reach out to elevator maintenance companies to design and rebuild […]

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SnapCab international

SnapCab Partners with International Company

July 2013

Trespa® International, a multinational company based in the Netherlands, considered elevator interiors as a potential new market for its architectural panels in North America. Trespa representative BettyLynn Abercrombie went to the 2011 National Association of Elevator Contractors Exposition specifically to contact SnapCab® to see if they might form an alliance. “I read articles and talked […]

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Elevator World magazine cover of a bright city view with multiple skyscrapers

Meeting the Elevator Interior Needs of Colleges and Universities

September 2012

With more than 38,000 students on their 400-acre urban campus, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) administrators have turned to high-rise buildings to provide enough classroom and housing space to meet the needs of their growing student body. With college enrollment increasing 38% from 1999 to 2009 (from 14.8 million to 20.4 million), many other […]

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The cover of Elevator World's April 2011 magazine edition

LEED-ing to Green

April 2011

Cara Furgiuele (CF) is a LEED-accredited registered architect who is licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and has been involved with sustainable design for the past 15 years. She received her LEED accreditation in 2008 and is currently on staff at SnapCab Elevator Interiors, an elevator cab interior manufacturer in Warrington, Pennsylvania. Your author (GK) […]

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SnapCab – Future 50

January 2011

When I started in business as a proprietorship in 1983, my focus was on finely crafted wood work. In 1989, after several successful commissions, we added elevator interior work to our services. Over the next nine years, I realized there was a need for a systematic approach to remodeling elevator interiors. Continue Reading

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Smart Thinking Boosts Tiny SnapCab – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Ever wonder what cabinets and cows have to do with elevators? Or heard of rewarding an employee who fouls up with a free trip to Hawaii? Then you’ve never heard Glenn Bostock recount his evolution from attention-deficient, dyslexic student with zero interest in classroom work to imaginative president of a small elevator interior remodeling company […]

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SnapCab Shows Off New Manufacturing Process

December 2010

SnapCab’s booth project for the National Association of Elevator Contractors 61st Convention and Expo had a touch of humor that helped the morale of and energized the company’s workforce. With a little inspiration from a fragrance ad, Glenn Bostock, SnapCab founder and president, and Caleb Morrison, general manager, conceived the “bottomless cab” for the company’s […]

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Opportunities in Tough Times

October 2010

New cab remodeling systems on the market have opened up a new source of revenue for enterprising elevator maintenance companies. It is profitable work, keeps mechanics busy and keeps potential competitors out of their buildings. How can you take advantage of these new systems? First, take a look at why building owners remodel their elevators. […]

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The Way up for His Business Was via SnapCab’s Unique Niche – Philadelphia Business Journal

April 2010

WARRINGTON — Glenn Bostock was working as a cabinetmaker in the early 1980s and getting paid poorly doing it when he decided to become his own boss. Bostock had been building things in his father’s basement since the age of 10 and figured at 23 years old he could make just as good a living […]

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SnapCab Grows in Difficult Times

March 2010

SnapCab, located in Warrington, Pennsylvania, has been named to Inc. magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for the second year in a row. In an economy in which many businesses are struggling just to stay solvent, this accomplishment cannot be overstated. How did this 15-year old company become an overnight success […]

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SnapCab Grows Greener

November 2008

SnapCabTM is adding a broad line of “eco-friendly” elevator cabs and ceiling light options to their large selection of interiors and ceilings. Elevator professionals can now help their customers add Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification points to cab construction or remodeling and contribute to the overall health of the environment. The new cab […]

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SnapCab Creates New DVD, Expands Line of Elevator Interiors

September 2008

Glenn Bostock, who developed Bostock’s SnapCab elevator interiors,has introduced a new instructional DVD that, among other topics, trains installers how to handle the specialized art of cladding. Cladding is the covering of the front panels of an elevator, usually with stainless steel. The video addresses obstacles that occasionally deter elevator maintenance companies from taking on […]

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New Trend Creates Profits for Elevator Maintenance Companies

September 2006

At one time, cab remodeling was the territory of a specialized group of cabinetmakers and carpenters. Today, providing this service is fast becoming a new source of profit for elevatormaintenance companies. Also fueling this trend are the new products on the market. SnapCab by Bostock is one such product. It arrives at the site in […]

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New Product, New Name, New Strategy

September 2005

Successful products often evolve to a point where the original name no longer conveys the essence of the concept. That is the case with Bostock’s elevator cab modernization kits. The new name is SnapCab™ by Bostock, and the purpose of changing the name is to focus customer attention on the ease of installation. A typical […]

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