Rigidized® Metal

Defying Time and Traffic with Superior Performance.

Elevators are one of the most frequently used features in any multistory building – and it often shows. Wear and tear ages a cab dramatically. This is where Rigidized® Metal really shines. The deeply-textured three-dimensional metal offers an anti-aging remedy that ensures your design will stand the test of time. Beautifully.

Rigidized® Metals are up to 75% stronger than ordinary sheet metals. This allows you to specify a thinner, lighter gauge to meet weight requirements, as well as stay on budget and reduce environmental waste. The surfaces also resist dents and scratches and deter vandalism. Rigidized® Metals are available in a variety of patterns, ranging from rugged industrial to smooth contemporary. It’s easy to specify the look you want – and ensure it still looks that way for years to come.

Rigidized Metals are available with SnapCab Elevator.