How to Get Fast, Accurate Elevator Interior Quotes

Fast and accurate elevator interior quotes

The clock’s ticking. Your customers depend on you for timely, accurate quotes so they can stay on schedule. How can you ensure that your team delivers – every time? Start at the beginning: When you work with a company that makes quoting easy, efficient, and quick, you give yourself a head start that’ll help see the project through to a streamlined conclusion. Ready…set…quote.

Elevator Interior Quoting Simplified

Accessing a quote can be convenient and quick, and with the SnapCab system you don’t have to take cab measurements before getting started. All you have to do is provide the cab capacity (i.e. 2500 lb, 3500 lb, etc.) and the approximate height of your elevator (usually around 8’ tall) and, based on these figures, the standard size can be estimated.

From there, SnapCab only requires the detail on the interior selections your customer has made before we can prepare the quote. Typically, this includes style of wall panels (for example Classic II, Sahara I, Acero, etc.), handrails, bumpers, and ceilings. This information should be enough for an accurate estimate that is typically turned around in less than a day. Our Quick Quote Form is the tool for compiling this information. Prefer an online form, check out our Request-A-Quote.

It’s not unusual for other elevator interior companies to take up to two weeks to complete this process: they book a meeting to visit the site, take measurements, and audit the cab. Only then can they create a quote. Meanwhile, the clock’s still ticking on your client’s project. You need a partner who gives you the information you need to get started at the, you know, start of the project.

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