How the SnapCab® Elevator System Works

Ready to replace your elevator interior? In most instances, it’s a drawn-out, expensive process. But we’re not like most at SnapCab. We focus on quality, convenience and simplicity, as well as affordability, which is why we follow a set of lean manufacturing processes. The result? SnapCab Elevator — our patented and fire-rated, code-compliant system of interlocking elevator wall panels that make remodeling elevator interiors a hassle-free, seamless process.

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The SnapCab Approach to Elevator System Design

We don’t settle at SnapCab, which is why we offer a better way to design, as well as personalize, your elevator system. Start your elevator remodel with the following steps:

  • Design your elevator cab: Our online showroom provides complete access to our pre-designed elevator interiors, which comply with elevator codes. Compare more than 40 different wall panels and six different ceiling designs, or narrow down your choice through our filters, which include material, price range and durability.

wood vaneer elevator

  • Personalize your elevator cab: Discovered the elevator wall panels and ceiling you like? Great! Time to personalize your interior. Choose from a variety of material choices, such as mahogany for your wood veneer or a pattern for your Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Additional features you can personalize are your reveals and toe kicks, ceiling finishes, handrails and bumpers. If you’d like assistance, you’re welcome to schedule a free online design session with us.
  • Request your elevator cab quotes: No matter how you design your elevator systems, with our designers or our online tool, we’ll provide your company a standard quote within one business day. If you’d like to change the design of your elevator remodel, then feel free to contact our team. We’ll make the necessary changes and revise your quote before sending you a presentation board with samples of your elevator wall panel materials.
  • Complete your elevator cab order form: After you’ve reviewed your presentation board and completed any additional changes, you’re ready to fill out your order form. This step is pretty critical, as it includes more than your personalized design but also your cab’s interior measurements. To measure your cab, check your measurements twice, and if you have questions, chat with your SnapCab project manager. They’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end.

The SnapCab Approach to Installing an Elevator Remodel

We deliver your SnapCab Elevator interior as a complete installation kit, which means it comes with everything your installer needs to complete your elevator remodel. Our team offers the best on-time delivery in the industry. We also minimize elevator downtime through our interlocking elevator wall panels, which lead to an average installation time of less than one day.

Typical materials included in your kit — which can vary based on your personalization options — include:

  • Reveals
  • Toe kicks
  • Panel binders
  • Interlocking panels
  • Pre-installed handrails
  • Top cap
  • Ceiling
  • Protection pads

Following installation, you can trust your team will be excited to install more SnapCab interiors!

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Advantages of the SnapCab Elevator Wall Panels and Design

Why should your clients choose SnapCab Elevator interiors? It delivers several must-have benefits, including:

  • Simple to Design: Remove the stress of a custom-built elevator with our pre-designed models, which feature a vast selection of materials, including Gorilla® Glass.
  • Simple to Install: Make remodeling your elevator seamless with the modular construction of SnapCab Elevator, which saves you time and money.
  • Simple to Replace: Respond to damage or vandalism with our single elevator wall panels, which deliver a cost-effective resolution that’s seamless.

Start Your Elevator Remodel With SnapCab

At SnapCab, we like to keep things simple — as we have done for more than 20 years. From our manufacturing processes to our interior elevator system designs, we’re always striving to deliver products that are convenient and affordable — and built to last with desirable materials.