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A product is only as good as the materials used to make it. We use the best ones to construct SnapCab® Portals to ensure you get a top-notch video wall. This combination of whiteboard and television has been built with care to make it a vital part of your company’s daily business strategy. 

What types of materials do we use and why are they so effective?  Read on to learn more about our Portals. 

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Glass Office Panels Made using Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Why do we use Gorilla® Glass to make our Portals? Let’s start with the lightweight, thin design of the glass that gives us so many options for our panels. It makes it easier to construct our modular glass walls, allowing us a great deal of creativity. 

Gorilla Glass is a blank canvas that allows you to exercise your creativity: Specify any pantone color for an exact match. Provide your own high resolution imagery or logos. Choose from one of our patterns and personalize the magnification and colors. Choose from one of our gigapixel images, or specify your own.

High-Quality TVs for Your Meeting Room Smart Glass Wall

You require a TV to convey your points. You need to relay consequential information that your employees can see and read with ease. You also need an excellent picture for videoconferencing and screen-sharing. The 6” inch 4K HD smart TV we include with our conference room smart glass wall is top of the line. Outstanding Substructure With Seamlessly Integrated Speakers

The speakers we include in our Portals measure up against many you will find, and we don’t use holes or grills to add them into the design. You can’t even see the speakers from the outside. In fact, the Gorilla® Glass is the speaker.

We include hinged magnetic side trims to give you easy access to the concealed USB and HDMI ports that come with the glass whiteboard wall. We also employ heavy-gauge aluminum substructure to ensure everything is well-supported and stays in place. 

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In addition to using the best materials, our whiteboard and TV combo also boasts: 

Simple to Install

Modular construction and plug-and-play electrical connections

Simple to Integrate

You can add any technology, connecting your devices

Simple to Collaborate

This tool makes it easier for employees to work together

Are you ready to get your SnapCab Portal for your meeting room, entryway or other office space? Contact us to discuss the many options we have available, including different sizes, colors and configurations.

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