SnapCab® Portal Catalog

SnapCab Portals offer businesses a modern conference room design option. Our combination whiteboard and television adds new functionality to your office. You can use the TV for videoconferencing, sharing company-wide updates or advertising upcoming events such as holiday parties. Your meeting room interior design gets a boost from the sleek layout, which employs Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The whiteboard also allows you to keep track of important dates, lists, and brainstorming sessions. 

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Step up Your Interior Design Ideas for Conference Rooms 

We have compiled this browsable catalog to help you understand the unique features of the SnapCab Portal. Discover how a Portal can help your office become more organized, improve its aesthetics, get the entire staff on the same page for communications and make guests feel more at home from the moment they walk through your doors. You can peruse useful information, such as: 

  • Features of our product: Learn more about the materials we use to make Portals, the power and data specifications, where we place the hidden storage, the location of the concealed USB and HDMI ports, and much more. 
  • Sizes: Portals come in a range of sizes and configurations. You can learn more about where the TV screen is located and our height and width possibilities.
  • Finish: You can pick a Pantone color, and you may also decide between gloss and matte finishes. 
  • Opportunities for customization: We want our Portals to provide the most useful experience for your business, so you can personalize them to your specifications. Explore ideas such as adding logos or images to your Portal. 

Choose a Conference Room Wall Design You Can Enjoy 

Meeting room designs don’t have to be boring or stuffy. When you invest in a SnapCab Portal, you marry technology with visual appeal. Our sleek designs will help your conference room stand out from other companies. They create a good impression of your company as one that embraces new ideas and employs the best equipment to further your goals. 

Take a look at the many Portal varieties outlined in our catalog. Then get in touch with SnapCab. We can answer any questions you may have about the layout of the whiteboard or placement of the TV. We hope you will also contact us to get a free quote on your new SnapCab Portal. 

Portal Catalog