The Benefits of Open Spaces – Without the Distractions

Pod ExampleIs it possible to have an open workspace environment and privacy? Collaborative areas and distraction-free zones? It is with the SnapCab® Pod. Easily assembled, moveable and configurable, the Pod empowers you to create a space that works for you. At SnapCab, our Pod provides a comfortable office booth for you to answer calls, host a video conference, study new materials, collaborate with team members, and handle tasks that need a quiet space and extra concentration. So, step inside, close the door against noise and disruptions, and get to work.To meet you and your team’s ever-changing needs, we offer the SnapCab Pod in three sizes:

  • Pod S (1-2 people)
  • Pod M (2-4 people)
  • Pod L (4-6 people)

With simple, streamlined designs and high-quality materials, your open workspace just got a lot more flexible.

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Why Choose SnapCab Office Pods?

We spent countless hours designing our Pods to ensure they provide the best solution and increase productivity when a quiet and private space is needed. Here are the three main reasons to choose SnapCab Pods.

Pods are Easy to InstallSimple to Install Installation of your Pod is fast thanks to its modular construction, clear labeling, and plug-and-play electrical connection.


Pods are simple to relocateSimple to Relocate Reconfigure your office as often as needed. Your SnapCab Pod is simple to move thanks to the casters mounted below.


Pods are easy to remodelSimple to Remodel Upgrade your Pod paneling down the road to coordinate with facility remodeling or fresh branding efforts.


Who Uses Pod Office Booths?

Anyone and everyone! Our Pod office booths are ideal for a variety of settings and applications, including:

  • As a study Pod in a college or university library
  • As a meeting space for open office environments
  • As a phone booth for offices, health clinics, libraries or restaurants
  • As a space for privacy and zero disruptions

Why Use a Pod for Office Spaces, Libraries and More?

Pods in office spaces, as well as libraries and restaurants, are becoming a popular choice. Why? The benefits. SnapCab Pods offer you and your team several advantages, including: Red Pod

  • Installation: Building a conference room can take months. Plus, construction is a noise haven, which doesn’t make focusing any easier for your team. With SnapCab Pods, installation is seamless and the fastest in the industry.
  • Convenience: With their concealed heavy-duty casters, relocating your office booth Pod is hassle-free. Instead of disassembling your portable office space, you roll it to its new location. It’s easier than moving a desk and much simpler than renovating your building.
  • Personalization: You want your facility, whether it’s a restaurant, library or office, to have a cohesive look. We understand that, which is why our office Pods for sale include personalization options. Choose from vibrant colors, eye-catching graphics or your company logo for your panels — which you can easily update later.
  • Sound-absorption: Give you and your team a quiet outlet for productivity with our Pods for office spaces and other locations. With more quiet time and fewer distractions, staff can do more, as well as deliver projects that are top-notch in quality and execution.
  • Price: Compared to constructing a conference room, your cost for an office Pod is much more feasible. You still get the same results — privacy, quiet and an aesthetic that matches and adapts to your building’s style and branding efforts.
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Let’s Talk Pod Design.

Let’s have a conversation. A brainstorming session. A Q&A. We’re here to help you specify a SnapCab Pod design that’s beautiful and functional without breaking a sweat. During a design session, we’ll discuss:

  • Your project requirements & design intent
  • Your options for customization
  • Material and finish options

So let’s talk.