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Pod BrochureSound-resistant SnapCab Pods can provide a fast, mobile, cost-effective solution for creating quiet, self-contained office units and meeting booths. They’re perfect for use as a study area for students in colleges and universities, outpatient rooms for delivering information to patients in healthcare facilities, conference/meeting room Pods in all types of organizations, and even as private phone booths or individual offices. You’ll get a well-designed and constructed modular Pod that’s simple to install, easy to relocate and enables trouble-free upgrading to accommodate your business’s changing and evolving needs.

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Why Choose SnapCab Office Pods?

We spent countless hours designing our Pods to ensure they provide the best solution and increase productivity when a quiet and private space is needed. Here are the three main reasons to choose SnapCab Pods.

Design to your Taste

Wheel into Place

Update Your Space

Enhance Your Work Environment

We’ve put together this easy-to-follow product catalog so you can learn more about how a SnapCab stand-alone individual office unit or meeting Pod can enhance your work environment and increase employee productivity. You’ll get instant access to a host of valuable information, including:

  • Product features: SnapCab sound-absorbing Pods consist of ceiling and wall panels in your choice of high-quality plastic laminate.  They also include doors, ceilings with motion sensor-activated lighting and ventilation fan, power bar with built-in electrical outlets, furniture, casters for portability and much more.
  • Sizes: Pods are available in three size options to accommodate as few as one or as many as six people.
  • Customization options: SnapCab Pods offer numerous ways to customize and personalize the unit to meet your requirements and preferences. You can choose between a standard laminate or multiple expanded laminate options, Gorilla Glass in an assortment of attractive colors and patterns, beautiful office furnishing and more.

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Please take a few minutes to review our catalog and learn more about the many ways in which SnapCab Pods can help you create the ideal work environment. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like a no-obligation Pod quote.

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