What is a SnapCab® Portal & How Does It Work?

You’ve undoubtedly updated your computer system, your phone system and your lobby decor over recent years. Now it’s time to bring your conference room into the 21st century as well with the SnapCab Portal.


This video and whiteboard combo can take your meetings and other interactions with your staff to a new level. With a beautiful, modern appearance and the multimedia capabilities every office needs, the Portal will be a welcome addition for any business that wants to take better advantage of its space and improve communications between team members.

Why continue to rely on whiteboards that are less efficient and outdated video apparatus that takes up too much space? Modernize your workspace with the SnapCab Portal. Read on to learn how it works and how you can use it in your place of business.

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What Can the SnapCab Portal Do?

The Portal is a whiteboard adapted with a TV that gives you an updated option for your audiovisual needs. You can write on the whiteboard to complement the information displayed on the screen, turning it into an engaging resource. The digital whiteboard wall displays video or static images. You can screen-share to encourage collaboration.

How do these technologies play out in real-world situations? Say you are giving a presentation on your company’s latest quarterly numbers. You can start off with a video overview of past years’ performances, segue into a static slide displaying this month’s numbers, then ask your employees to brainstorm ways to improve them, which you can write on the whiteboard.

You can connect your Portal to a variety of devices using the HDMI and USB ports. You can also integrate Apple TV to stream content to the whiteboard TV combo.

What Does the Portal Offer?

Features of the television and panels include:

  • 65-inch 4K HD Smart TV
  • TV is bezel-less and mounted flush to the Gorilla® Glass surface
  • Glass speakers integrated into the whiteboard panels to keep the surface seamless

We make it easy to plug devices into the Portal with concealed ports for USB and HDMI. All the electronic plug-ins are consolidated into one location behind a panel, where we also leave room for expansion, should you need it.

Benefits of Using Our TV and Whiteboard

Our Portal will make your meetings more focused and productive. You can keep people informed while remaining on-topic by using the whiteboard to expound on concepts displayed on the TV.

There are also practical advantages to employing this whiteboard wall, such as:

Portal wall design

  • It’s easy to install: We do all the hard work on our end. When it gets to your office, assemble the frame, make your electrical connections, and attach the panels. Your video whiteboard wall is then ready to use.
  • It’s attractive: The polished look of our Portal will make your office appear on the cutting edge. Never underestimate the importance of appearance in the office. Having sleek systems creates a great impression on clients and employees alike.
  • It’s a smart way to collaborate: Use the TV screen to videoconference with other branches of your business and brainstorm solutions company-wide.
  • It’s simple to integrate: The space in the Portals technology panel can hold additional technology.
  • It’s a great way to set the scene: With the Panel’s ability to write new messages and screen-share, you can customize greetings for visitors.
  • It’s not one-size-fits-all: You can order a bigger or smaller whiteboard, depending on your needs. We use modular panels with shadow lines that allow for multiple size variations.
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Personalize Your Video Whiteboard Wall

Every office has its own unique appearance. When you add a new feature, you want it to look as though it belongs. We have many ways you can personalize your Portal, so it matches the appearance of other items around it. You can discuss the size, shape and color needs with us to determine what would look best in your conference room, lobby or wherever you plan to put your Portal.

We even offer gigapixel images, so you can select the exact image you want on your portal. You could use your logo, product images or much more.  If you want to go traditional we also have a matte Noir Black Portal, which you can write on with neon dry erase markers. Talk to us about all the possibilities.

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