The Leader in Elevator Interior Systems

Everything – from designing to ordering to installing – is engineered for ease, convenience and superior results. The emphasis on simplicity, value and exceptional customer service is intertwined throughout every facet of SnapCab® Elevator. With over 15,000 installations across North America, you are in good hands.

Whether it’s new construction, modernization or a simple upgrade, SnapCab has elevator interior models that fit your project’s aesthetic, durability and budgetary requirements. Our elevator interiors are always personalized when you choose your patterns and colors, but can easily be modified if you mix and match materials from various models to create combinations unique to your project.

women and dog in elevatorWhat Is SnapCab Elevator?

Simple. Convenient. Stunning. SnapCab Elevator interiors are a patented and compliant system of eye-catching interlocking wall panels. For elevator renovations, upgrades or modernizations, SnapCab Elevator interiors offer stress-free solutions.

Why Pick SnapCab Elevator Interiors?

At SnapCab, we believe in simplicity. And so do a ton of other companies, like Google, which chose SnapCab interiors for its headquarters. Aside from Google, plenty of other businesses in a variety of industries rely on SnapCab Elevator interiors. Why? Because of our design and build quality, as well as the ability to personalize your elevator’s ceiling and panels to your company’s preferences to create a look that’s truly original.

We’re also dedicated to exceptional customer support. That’s why we not only provide a quote for your elevator renovation in a day but also send you a free presentation board, which includes samples of your selected materials, such as stainless steel, travertine flooring, wood veneer or Gorilla® Glass. By taking this approach, we make sure you’re confident in your elevator design.

The SnapCab Elevator Advantage

Every feature of SnapCab Elevator interiors, from our wall panels to our elevator ceilings, is designed to deliver a benefit, like the following:

  • Simple to Design: We get it. You’re busy, and the last thing you need is another item on your to-do list. That’s why we make choosing and personalizing your SnapCab Elevator simple. Just visit our online showroom, browse our pre-designed models with filters and select the ones you like. Whether you build an elevator quote featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Gage® or another material at your computer, or schedule a free design session to streamline the process, is up to you.
  • Simple to Install: From your elevator ceiling to your elevator panels, installation is hassle-free with SnapCab Elevator. How? It’s thanks to our modular design, which lets our qualified installers across the U.S. and Canada complete your elevator renovation, modernization or upgrade in one day. And that includes the demolition work. And because SnapCab vets all our approved installers, you can also trust their skill and level of professionalism.
  • Simple to Purchase: For anything your company buys, you’re considering the price tag. SnapCab Elevator offers a convenient, cost-effective option for your business. As a lean manufacturer, we’re able to keep our quotes affordable and our quality unimpeachable. Our lean manufacturing processes are also behind our industry-best on-time delivery rates, which stand at greater than 98 percent.
  • Simple to Maintain: All our pre-designed elevator ceilings and panels share a similar focus: Keep It Simple. That’s why the everyday care for a SnapCab Elevator is so straightforward. With our handy SnapCab Use and Care Guide, your team can ensure everyone knows how to maintain that new elevator interior glow.
  • Simple to Replace: Accidents happen. Don’t panic, though. At SnapCab, we’re here before and after your elevator renovation. If a panel becomes damaged, we can replace that single wall panel, versus all of them, as they’re interlocking. That approach helps your company rest easy when accidents, vandalism or another unfortunate event finds its way to your revitalized elevator.

Let’s Talk Elevator Design

Let’s have a conversation. A brainstorming session. A Q&A. We’re here to help you specify a SnapCab Elevator design that’s beautiful, functional, and up to code – without breaking a sweat. During a design session, we’ll discuss:

  • Your project requirements & design intent
  • Your options for customization
  • Value engineering your vision
  • Code requirements
  • Material and finish options

Even better, you’ll get the drawings in days – even hours, if you need them that quickly. So let’s talk.