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SnapCab Elevator Interiors

An Elevator Interior for Every Building. Designers, architects and developers with a passion for detail and exotic materials will find that SnapCab® provides an opportunity to design a superior cab with a wide selection of surface materials and lighting options. Exercise your creativity and achieve just the right style. Building occupants and tenants spend “quiet time” in the elevators and have the chance to notice everything in a cab. Make sure the cabs you install meet the highest quality of fit and finish available — and that means SnapCab.

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What’s Inside Our Elevator Package Catalog

Learn everything there is about SnapCab Elevator with our easy-to-follow product catalog, which details the following:

  • Features: Explore every element of our elevator packages, including our handrail and ceiling options, which encompass details like lighting. Plus, we provide diagrams and color swatches as well as real-life photos and videos that show off the detail as well as convenience, simplicity and value of our patented and fire-rated interlocking elevator panels.
  • Models: Discover the possibilities of a SnapCab Elevator interior by browsing the more than 40 designs we’ve created for name-draw companies such as Google. No matter the aesthetic you’re searching for, such as modern, classic, timeless, chic or vintage, you can trust that you’ll find an elevator package that matches your visual expectations and your company’s branding standards.

What else will you find in our SnapCab Elevator catalog? A peek into our one-day installation process!

Advantages of SnapCab Elevator

At SnapCab, we believe in simplicity. That’s why SnapCab Elevator offers it every step of the way, including when it comes to the following:

  • Design: View our vast selection of pre-designed elevator interiors, which come in several materials, including Corning® Gorilla® Glass, Gage®, Rigidized Metals® and Móz Metals® — and make choosing an attractive, welcoming interior hassle-free instead of time-consuming and stressful.
  • Installation: Bypass the complexity of elevator interior installations with the modular design of SnapCab Elevator interiors, which helps your organization reduce not only your elevators’ downtime but also lower your costs for installation.
  • Replacement: Worry no more about replacing your entire elevator’s interior due to vandalism or damage. Thanks to our modular design, you’ll only need to replace the damaged panel, minimizing the cost of your replacement efforts.

Get the Inside Scoop on SnapCab Elevator Packages

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