A Complete Guide to the SnapCab® Elevator System

elevator with imageIt’s convenient. It’s simplistic. It’s affordable. It’s SnapCab Elevator— and it’s changing the way companies approach elevator remodels and cab interiors. Across North America, more than 15,000 SnapCab Elevator interiors are in use, delivering an experience that’s relaxing and eye-catching for patrons, employees and business partners.

Why the stampede for SnapCab Elevator Interiors? Find out with our complete guide, which tackles everything from design to installation.

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Benefits of the SnapCab Elevator Cab Design

SnapCab Elevator features a patented cab design of interlocking panels that offers several benefits:

  • Simple to Design: Why make the best part difficult? Choosing from our pre-designed elevator cab designs, as well as personalizing them, is hassle-free. We also offer a vast selection of elevator cab finishes, including Corning® Gorilla® Glass and Gage®, plus textured stainless steel, laminate and wood veneer to provide you with the best for your custom elevator cab interior.
  • Simple to Install: Who needs a lengthy installation time? Renovating your cab interiors is quick and painless with SnapCab. We feature a network of installers across the U.S. and Canada and all of them are experts when it comes to installing the fire-rated and code-compliant SnapCab Elevator interiors — which is why the average installation time is less than a day for our modular elevator cab interior.
  • Simple to Replace: Why should replacing your elevator be expensive? Incorporating our elevator cab designs into your building offers an affordable, high-quality option, as well as one that’s quick to fix if damaged or vandalized. Instead of purchasing a whole new set of panels for your interior, you only buy the one that needs replacing, which makes the process easy.

Issues Solved by the SnapCab Elevator Cab Interior

If you’re renovating, upgrading or modernizing your cab interior, it’s likely to solve the problems outlined below — which SnapCab Elevator can help you do with flying colors:

  • Outdated interior: We all want to put our best foot forward, and when a new or potential client arrives, you want to knock that first impression out of the ballpark. An older cab can stifle that, creating a feeling that your company isn’t a part of the modern age. It’s a classic case of judging a book by its cover. By investing in an elevator cab interior from SnapCab, however, you can emphasize the forward-thinking and innovation that defines your business.
  • Damaged interior: It happens — your cab interior is damaged. It can be from wear and tear, vandalism, cleaning accidents or another mishap. While you may delay repairs, eventually you’ll have to replace or fix your cab. SnapCab Elevator interiors offer a viable solution plus a three-year limited warranty and replacement policy your company accountants will love. Thanks to our patented interlocking design, we can provide SnapCab replacements on a panel-by-panel basis, versus re-installing a new custom elevator cab.

And if your cab’s not damaged or outdated, but features a gloomy and unattractive elevator cab design, SnapCab can solve that problem too!

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How Do You Design a Cab Interior With SnapCab?

wood elevator from bottom

Our design process for elevator cab interiors is simple and offers a selection of more than 40 pre-designed cab interiors in numerous materials, including:

  • Gorilla® Glass
  • Gage®
  • Mirror
  • Natural stone
  • Rigidized® Metals
  • Wilsonart®
  • Wood veneer

Our online showroom lets you personalize your elevator cab and compare elevator cab finishes with ease. With SnapCab, you design when you want, how you want — though you’re more than welcome to schedule a free online design session with one of our interior specialists, who can walk you through all the different options and help you build a quote that meets your company’s budget.

How Do You Install a SnapCab Elevator Cab Interior?

We partner with hundreds of trusted elevator installers. Each provider features an exceptional team of friendly technicians, who will handle the installation of your custom elevator cab. Our installation partners, as well as SnapCab, are passionate about providing you with a positive customer experience, which is why we keep your elevator’s downtime to a minimum. The result is a stress-free process that saves your company money. 

Set the Stage With a Personalized Elevator Cab Interior

At SnapCab, we offer more than 20 years of experience to companies across North America, from Google to Blue Cross. Our dedication to quality, simplicity and convenience result in a set of personalized elevator cab interiors that match your organization’s brand and attitude, while also delivering an attractive interior that’s fire-rated and code-compliant.

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