SnapCab Products and Features: A Photo Essay

SnapCab’s patented system of interlocking panels has revolutionized the elevator interior industry. Our products and features save time, money, and hassle – without sacrificing aesthetics or design intent. Available in a variety of timeless, classic models, there is a “right” fit for virtually every elevator and building.

SnapCab’s Newest Models


blue cross

Precision blends the sophistication of stainless steel and the warmth of wood for effortless elegance. At least, it looks effortless! The biggest challenge with this cab was the materials: the beauty of real wood is undeniable – but so is the difficulty of maintaining it in an elevator interior.

SnapCab has an answer with the use of Corning® Gorilla® Glass. An image of wood panels was installed behind the durable Gorilla Glass to achieve the right look and eliminate the need for constant (and expensive) maintenance and repair.

Additionally, the modularity of the panel’s means that installation takes just one day, while a local custom vendor would take days to install a comparable design. SnapCab’s results look effortless, thanks to a little innovation and ingenuity!


Can you have design freedom and flexibility without breaking the bank? SnapCab thinks so. With the introduction of Gorilla Glass in elevator interiors, the possibilities are endless – and beautiful.

Based on the “Pure” model, Radiant turns a simple elevator wall into a stunning focal point – and highlights the clarity, definition, and detail that can be achieved. Behind Gorilla Glass panels is a custom image in living color that transforms an ordinary cab into an extraordinary experience.

The majority of elevator interior models use solid color; Radiant ventures into new territory with true hues and bold tones. Red, for instance, is typically a difficult shade to render correctly. Here, it’s not a problem: reds are vibrant, bright, and clear.

The reds are real – and so is the green customers save with Radiant. Gorilla Glass is utilized on the rear wall, as a focal point, instead of on all three walls. Wilsonart Compact, a high-quality, lower cost, but durable material, is used on the side walls. The elegant finish complements both the image and the stainless steel elements.

Endless possibilities. Endless quality and value. Thanks to Gorilla Glass and great design, that’s a reality for customers.



The goal: to incorporate the versatility and quality of Gorilla Glass and create a cost-effective, beautiful elevator interior. Challenges lead to innovations – and innovation leads to high-quality cabs like Fusion.

Fusion features four Gorilla Glass panels. An image or pattern is printed behind the glass, allowing for sharp color, precision, and outstanding definition. This glass delivers an unmatched level of detail. The pattern offers a middle ground behind solid color and an image. You can have the detail of an image while allowing the colors to speak for themselves.

But what about cost? To reduce the cost to customers, Gorilla Glass is used only for the pattern. The side walls and back wall accents are made of Wilsonart Compact, which comes in at a lower price point. The result is a high-quality, elegant interior that breaks expectations – not the bank.

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