SnapCab® Offers Quiet Escape at Recent NAMM Trade Show

SnapCab at NAMM

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) hosted the 2018 NAMM Show from Jan. 25 to 28 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The annual show features a range of companies, products and experts from the music and sound industry. This year’s show was the largest in NAMM history — it welcomed more than 7,000 brands, a total of 115,000 registered attendees, tons of opportunities for industry education and one rather unsuspected attendee: SnapCab!


How SnapCab Joined the 2018 NAMM Show

We scattered a few of our Pods throughout the convention center for NAMM, and they were a huge hit. As one of the most massive music shows in the country, it’s safe to say it’s also one of the loudest. Ironically, noise is the enemy when you’re trying to sell musical instruments, as well as when you’re looking to purchase one. Enter SnapCab.

The C. F. Martin & Co. booth was one that appreciated our presence. As a leading guitar manufacturer, the Martin booth was one of the busiest at the entire trade show. They invested in one of our Pods and was completely blown away by its capabilities. Martin used the Pod as an intimate, quiet space to show off the delicate, buttery sound of its instruments. This allowed them to provide musicians with an area to play their instruments away from the loud tradeshow floor.

Martin is just one of the booths that benefitted from our Pods by using it to better hear the sound coming from a single instrument. Other businesses, attendees, performers and industry experts utilized the peace and quiet of SnapCab Pods to:

  • Get work done: Sometimes, company representatives must man their booths for an entire day — or across multiple days — during NAMM. When they need to get some work done between shifts, which probably involves music, a quiet area to work and listen is a necessity. SnapCab® Pods filled this need for all kinds of people at this year’s show.
  • Take a break: Whether you want to have a conversation, make a phone call or just enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet, SnapCab Pods® provided a place for people at NAMM to go when they needed a break.
  • Recharge electronics: Our Pods have a variety of charging ports and outlets, so you can charge virtually any device while you relax or talk.

Portals at NAMMWith SnapCab® Pods’ contemporary look, comfortable seating and glass walls, you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a box — you still feel like you’re part of the action. After all, you probably didn’t choose to attend one of the largest music shows in the nation to seclude yourself from everything.

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