How SnapCab® Delivers Innovative Office Solutions 

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It’s a defining feature of SnapCab products, from SnapCab® Pod to SnapCab® Portal. It’s also a core belief of SnapCab and Corning. Throughout our years working with the revolutionary company, we’ve incorporated its groundbreaking Gorilla® Glass into SnapCab elevator interiors, lobby walls and furniture, providing facilities around the world, like Amazon, Ford, and Microsoft, with a flexible office solution that encourages a collaborative work experience.


The Innovation of Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Corning drives innovation, revolutionizing and creating industries with its ideas and products. Its never-ending drive led to Gorilla® Glass. The exceptional quality of this thin, lightweight glass led to its adoption by more than 40 major brands, which is why more than 5 billion devices credit their durability, as well as incredibly low weight, to Gorilla® Glass.

Producing a lightweight, durable glass was only the beginning for Corning. It also designed Gorilla® Glass to offer the following advantages:

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  • Minimal maintenance: To complement the primary benefits of Gorilla® Glass, Corning wanted its revolutionary product to require zero hassle. That’s why Gorilla® Glass cleans with ease, as well as needs minimal maintenance. Instead of focusing on smudges or scratches, companies can focus on innovating their products through collaboration.
  • Optimal color: To deliver a clean and accurate experience, Corning wanted its industry-defining product to provide true color. That’s why Gorilla® Glass shows shades of whites with clarity and depicts colors with vibrancy.

With each iteration of Gorilla® Glass, Corning demonstrates its dedication to innovating, as well as its commitment to achieving perfection.

The Collaboration

Collaboration is essential to attaining these goals, and that’s what pushes Corning forward. Through its in-house collaborations, Corning accomplishes its goal of producing and delivering innovative products to brands around the world. That’s why billions of devices feature the revolutionary technology that defines smartphones, laptops and more.

PortalSnapCab represents Cornings most vital values — agility, flexibility and speed, as well as innovation and quality. In 2017, after years of a successful elevator interiors, Corning and SnapCab expanded by bringing SnapCab products that feature Gorilla® Glass, such as SnapCab® Portal, into Corning’s facilities across the U.S.

Through our innovative office solutions for Corning, we provided their exceptional team in Sullivan Park and Corning Technology Center — Silicon Valley, as well as their headquarters in New York, with a flexible solution that initiates interactive and collaborative experiences in a convenient, private space. Even better, our solution included the groundbreaking quality of Gorilla® Glass.

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