5 Reasons Why SnapCab® Pods Are the Best Quiet Space Solution for Your Office

SnapCab Small High Pressure Green Laminate Privacy Pod with table, glass door, and built-in lights

We see it time and time again. Offices designed with sleek, ultra-contemporary open concepts and expansive layouts. 

Open-concept offices are aesthetically pleasing and easy on the wallet. As the demand for office rental continues to grow, so do the costs — particularly in urban areas, central neighborhoods and cities competing for a young and vibrant workforce. Open floor plans maximize the square footage of a space while encouraging collaboration and camaraderie. They incorporate a range of trendy designs and features, from high ceilings and interactive common spaces to sweeping floor plans filled with laid back, wall-to-wall workstations. 

Yet, there are drawbacks to open-concept layouts. One common complaint is noise, and lots of it.

Noise level and privacy are the primary concerns when it comes to today’s open-concept layouts. How do offices balance their desire for mood-boosting environments and collaborative work while still increasing productivity and profits?

At SnapCab®, we’ve manufactured a solution: SnapCab® Pod.

SnapCab Pod 101: What Are Pods?

SnapCab Pods are our stand-alone, private booths built for sound absorption and productivity. They’re a cost-effective way for an office to reduce noise and maintain distraction-free work zones. Plus, they’ve been engineered from the get-go to address every detail that comes with providing alternative workspaces, with three unique functions:

stand-alone, prive booths

  • Design to your Taste: While our standard Pod comes in a beautiful white gloss laminate, you can also personalize your Pod. Pick a laminate from any manufacturer, or choose Corning® Gorilla® Glass and pick from a range of colors, logos, gigapixel images, and more. Note: Personalization increases lead-time and price.

  • Wheel into Place: Offices grow and change to reflect the growth and changes of its business. Just as your physical space will inevitably require alterations, your Pods can be relocated to match any new spatial needs. Because of their mobile caster mounts and wheels, Pods are easy and effortless to move and can be relocated in a matter of minutes.

  • Update your Space: Pods are clean templates made to enhance any present or future space. Their panels can easily be upgraded to match rebranding efforts or office remodels, meaning you save time and money when that design day comes.

These features only scratch the surface of what a SnapCab Pod lends to a professional space. Never again stress about the sound and space issues of your office with our unique noise-barrier booths and their range of design features and affordances.

Here are five more reasons to choose SnapCab Office Pods. 

1. Pod Wall Panels Are Manufactured to Be the Ultimate Office Noise Barrier

Women in podOur acoustic office booths are built to mask sound. From top to bottom, every detail comes designed to create that ideal quiet space for individuals and groups looking to enter a distraction-free work zone.

First, sound absorption means conversations occurring inside Pods — from solo phone calls to multi-person collaborative brainstorming sessions — don’t seep outside. Second, sitting in a Pod provides a much-needed, sealed noise barrier, without the distractions and interruptions assumed in the everyday office. 

It’s the best of both noise worlds. First, SnapCab Pods are built around wall panels finished with high-pressure plastic laminate. Laminate choices and finishes are customizable, starting with our clean, high-gloss White and extending to personalized colors, patterns and the possibility of Corning® Gorilla® Glass interior and exterior additions. We can also source your custom laminate from nearly any laminate manufacturer, at your request.

Second, our Pods’ sound-masking design allow the wall panels to fit together like a puzzle. Panels interlock together, doors come with noise-reducing seals, and Pods include an acoustic felt ceiling and a precision carpet foundation. All combine for the complete office-noise reducing experience.

These two design fundamentals marry to create our sound reducing Pods. Distractions stay out. Conversations and productivity stay in.

2. Seal in a Serious Quiet Space With Tempered Glass Doors

Our tempered glass doors are some of the best in the industry. We’ve spent countless hours tweaking their build and makeup for Pod application, and they come standard in our acoustic booths. 

We apply tempered glass to both the Pod door and the front wall of the Pod. This creates a bright and inviting environment where users can see into the main office, and vice versa, while remaining secluded. The overall effect is one that makes Pods feel like a design extension of your office, not a cold, detached afterthought. What’s more, tempered glass doors stand up to natural wear and tear that comes with use.

Tempered glass

You can upgrade your Pod wall panels to ultra-strong and hyper-durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This popular glass choice adds aesthetic value, offering a variety of color options and accents, as well as a writeable, white-board surface. Gorilla® Glass can even be tailored to feature a panoramic gigapixel image of your choosing, replicated and printed across interior or exterior panels.

3. Available in Three Quiet Cube Sizes

SnapCab Pods come in three distinct sizes to fit, mix and match your ideal cubed set up.Three pod sizes

  • SnapCab Pod S: The first and most intimate quiet space option. Seating 1-2 people, Pod S allows one row of seating and an optional, wall-mounted table. It’s best suited for solo work and private phone room or video calls, as well as a flex option to an individual’s desk space.
  • SnapCab Pod M: Expands booth functionality to make room for 2-4 people. Seating around a central, wall-mounted table means the Pod M is perfect for focus rooms with small interactions, one-on-one collaborations and small, interactive formal or informal meetings.
  • SnapCab Pod L: The largest and most versatile quiet pod type. Seating 4-6 people, the Pod L makes the most of quality meetings while including all the acoustic, noise-reducing materials from above to curb distractions — which can add up in a group! SnapCab L Pods solve another common office problem as well, freeing up the use of larger conference rooms that often get booked for meetings of only a few people. This ensures your biggest and most coveted conference spaces are reserved only for parties that truly fit their size. What’s more, the dimensions of SnapCab Pod L make them large enough to also work as a dynamic private office for one.

All Pod types include the standard, noise-barrier product inclusions of tempered glass, tailored doors, interior and exterior wall paneling, door seals, acoustic felt ceiling to a sound-reducing carpet and aesthetic customizations. Each is reconfigurable and mobile. 

4. Pods Are Mobile Quiet Booths on Wheels

The freedom and versatility that comes with our mobile Pods cannot be overstated. You get maximum flexibility and creativity to milk the natural square footage of your space, with some of the easiest installation on the market. 

Our mobile-first Pods are thanks to the seamless design behind our high-load phenolic casters and floor attachments, each tested for ease and longevity. Use the casters to rotate, move and match Pods, then fasten the floor attachments to lock in their new location. 

Pods can be configured to create a range of room additions previously unavailable to a blank, open-floor canvas. A wall of Pods can create elegant and contemporary room partitions, be clustered as breakout booths in corners, mixed and matched as independent office types and meeting spaces or get stretched as wall-to-wall flex spaces for individual work. The options are seemingly limitless. If you get bored with a look today, you can change it tomorrow. 

We’re so proud of their user-friendly mobility, we claim you can build and tailor a Pod cluster in your office in 48 hours or less.

5. Increase the Productivity and Retainment of Your Employees

You have more important things on your mind then monitoring and analyzing the productive capabilities of your office every day. Inconspicuous and hassle-free, Pods contribute to a number of design elements that research shows leads to employee happiness, productivity and stress-relief. 

More so than traditional conference rooms or static, built-in office booths, Pods allow natural light to permeate individual cubes. Their glass doors and front walls seamlessly take in bright light without sacrificing the noise levels open concepts naturally court. Pods also double as private outlets for employees. Studies by companies and universities alike show employees crave various amounts of alone and quiet time, often citing it as the number-one necessity to get high-level projects done. What’s more, our customizable Pods allot color and texture to your office. Layering a space with various materials, surfaces, colors and reflections doesn’t just look nice — it makes us feel nice, too. Employees are likelier to rate their workdays as more stimulating, fulfilling and less draining when working in areas with texture and color. 

alone & quiet time

As if that wasn’t enough, Pods can even help retain current employees, as well as recruit top talent. That’s because SnapCab Pods contribute to what’s known as integrative office wellness — the growing attention companies are paying to the environmental and cultural details that create a healthy daily atmosphere. With Pods, you check some key notes off the office wellness list: A variety of workspaces, an understanding of different work types and a nod toward individual needs and inputs amongst your workforce.

All Pod types come equipped with some extra unique features to ensure your office maintains the highest quality and most functional quiet booths around.

  • Motion sensors: Overhead lights and fans are activated by a motion sensor.
  • Soft lighting: To enhance their calming acoustics, Pods have low-profile LED overhead fixtures that provide indirect light. Like the care directions you receive for houseplants, indirect light is well-diffused but not aggressive or glaring. We place our fixtures in a drop ceiling design that disguises them for a cleaner, more contemporary look.
  • Code compliant: All Pods are fire-code compliant with the option for sprinkler connection and installation. In addition, Pods are classified as systems furniture. This means you won’t have to jump through extra coding hoops when designing, installing or moving them — a major bonus in the case of a complete office remodel.
  • Easy to clean: You never have to worry about tedious clean-ups of fingerprints, streaks, dirt or oil. Pods are some of the easiest products for you to clean and maintain. All that’s required are non-abrasive cotton clothes dampened with water or familiar mild glass cleaners, like Windex. Avoid chemical solutions or treatments, as well as abrasive powders and scouring pads. Explore our Use & Care Guide for more questions, especially when it comes to the upkeep of Gorilla® Glass with your Pods.

Pods S, M and L also all come with their own variety of optional furniture. We supply accompanying furniture in-house to make sure it fits the exact dimension of your Pods. That way, you’re equipped with everything you need from the get-go to install and start using your Pods as quickly as possible.

accompanying furniture

Standard furniture options include:

  • Seating: Benches and chairs configured to seat 1-6 people. Materials and sizes also contribute to the acoustic sound-absorption of your Pods.
  • Tables: Wall-mounted tables work as the simplest surface for your laptops and work materials.

When it comes to noise-reducing office solutions, we’re proud to offer our range of award-winning quiet Pods. They’re cutting edge, contemporary, customizable, space-enhancing and a breeze to install. As functional as they are aesthetic, we know you’ll get what all the hype is about after just one use — and your employees will, too! 

Interested in learning more? SnapCab Pods could be exactly what your open-concept office or workspace calls for. We’d love to help! See firsthand what effects these acoustic Pods can have on your space and work culture by requesting information today.