Sound Privacy and Ventilation

Steelcase sound Testing

Many companies and organizations are turning to open office floor plans to improve collaboration, increase productivity, create a healthier work environment for employees and reduce operating costs. On the downside, an open layout can present some privacy challenges, especially if there is a shortage of quiet work areas.

SnapCab® offers solidly built Pods that can provide the ideal solution. Our movable Pods seamlessly combine sound privacy and ventilation to ensure a tranquil, comfortable setting, no matter where you place them.

How Do SnapCab Pods Provide Privacy and Ventilation?

The innovative design of our Pods absorb sound, creating a quiet stand-alone office space. We also offer synthetic felt as an option, which helps to prevent sound reverberation that can sometimes occur in smaller, confined spaces. You can use your Pods for meetings without experiencing distractions or disrupting the workers around you, or for anyone who needs privacy in an otherwise noisy or chaotic work area.

We produce enough ventilation in our Pods through the strategic implementation of gaps that allow air to escape without impacting the sound-absorbing properties. We also use ceiling fans that will facilitate the movement of air. The fans operate silently, which will enable you to conduct meetings or engage in one-on-one conversations. Solo workers will be able to concentrate without the clattering noise of a fan to disrupt them.

Who Can Benefit from Pods That Offer Privacy and Ventilation?

SnapCab Pods are perfect for any office environment where there’s a need to create more private spaces without having to undertake a significant renovation or remodeling project. They provide a flexible, cost-effective alternative for schools looking to provide quiet studying spaces for students. Architects, designers, writers, drafters, analysts and anyone else looking to minimize disruptions will also appreciate the opportunity to work in silence. You can even use them as phone booths where workers can make calls in private.

Other Advantages of SnapCab Pods

In addition to excellent sound privacy and ventilation, our Pods offer:

  • Easy installation: The modular design and construction of SnapCab Pods make installing them a breeze. Clear labeling of all parts eliminates confusion, and the plug-and-play functionality accommodates your electric and electronic devices without rewiring.
  • Mobility: Our Pods enable you to easily move the pods, thanks to the mounted casters. You can reconfigure your layout whenever you wish.
  • Simple upgrades: If you decide to expand or remodel your office at some point, you can update the panels to complement the new decor or coordinate with new branding initiatives.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Pods

Learn more about how SnapCab Pods can seamlessly combine sound privacy and ventilation to create quiet, comfortable work areas in your office environment. Contact us for additional information and a no-obligation quote today.

Video Transcript

We’ve really become experts at sound with these pods

Three quarter inch particle board with plastic laminate on most of the surfaces where it’s smooth

And this is a white board, sometimes the whiteboards are covered in gorilla glass.

Depends on what option you want

And then on the outside is another three quarter inch heavy board.

Sound has a hard time going through solid things.

To keep the reverberation from happening from inside the pod we’ve added this synthetic felt.

It’s an option you can get and I highly recommend it.

It makes it sound great in here.

This is the door that we just installed, and I think this is one of the finest features of the whole pod.

The whole door, the seal is all friction fixed so there’s actually no contact between the door and the frames.

So the acoustical experience in this pod is a little brighter, which I think is a little less confining than the other options out there.

And you won’t see any vent grills, we have a lot of ventilation, but it’s hidden around an architectural detail that is a gap.

We like having gaps in the corners of the pods, and gaps around the ceiling.

And the air goes around the ceiling and around sound absorbing material and it has to weave in and out before it can go out through this very silent fan.

We have six fans in this S Pod; it gives you a tremendous amount of ventilation.