SnapCab® Partners With Steelcase

SnapCab Pods at Steelcase

At NeoCon 2018, we announced an exciting development: We’re joining Steelcase’s network of innovative partners. Steelcase will become the exclusive distributor of SnapCab® Pods. Working together will make us more accessible to forward-thinking organizations than ever.

What Is Steelcase?

Founded in 1912, Steelcase has provided inspiring space solutions for over a century. They host a family of brands featuring a wide variety of architecture, furniture and technology that help leading organizations get the job done. Their innovative approach and hard work clearly pay off — during the 2018 fiscal year, they earned $3.1 billion. Steelcase empowers offices, schools and healthcare organizations to create an ecosystem of spaces that promote focus, collaboration and learning.

Steelcase makes every kind of furniture and architecture involved in organizational spaces. Their seating and tables appear in rooms meant for both work and play. Storage solutions such as shelves and file cabinets lead to efficient work. Architecture and space dividers like our Pods let customers make the most out of their areas. Specialty furniture like school desks and patient chairs open up more opportunities for the healthcare and education industries.

Why Did We Decide to Partner?

When we work together with you to make the Pod you envision, we want you to have as many options as possible. The power of choice lets you create a space that fits your needs and taste. A Pod that aligns with your work philosophy encourages better thinking, collaborating and doing. Teaming up with Steelcase allows us to provide even more solutions for you. Steelcase has a similar approach that focuses on their clients. Selling Pods to their customers helps them achieve their goal of creating adaptive spaces for everyone. With Steelcase’s portfolio of creative options and our customizable Pods, the possibilities are just about endless.

This collaboration will also make Pods available to a larger audience. Steelcase has over 800 dealer locations all over the world. Now that we’ve joined the Steelcase network, we can quickly provide new spaces to people in North America. This means the United States, Canada and Mexico have easy access to solutions that work for them. As a bonus, reducing the distance between customer and product lessens our environmental footprint. Our partner Steelcase can now spread their philosophy of innovation more effectively by offering Pods in so many locations.

How Do SnapCab and Steelcase’s Missions Align?

Working with Steelcase was a no-brainer because we have goals and philosophies that unite perfectly. We both dedicate ourselves to empowering customers with only the best space solutions. Our strategies involve creating a quality experience, not just a quality product. At SnapCab, we design our process to be as simple as possible while offering a catalog full of design choices. Steelcase understands that progress requires all aspects of production and service to have the same vision. Their portfolio fosters social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Does This Partnership Affect SnapCab® Elevators and Portals?

For the time being, we plan to offer only Pods through Steelcase — you can buy our other products using the same methods you did before.

Where Can I Learn More?

If we didn’t answer one of your questions about this collaboration, feel free to contact us for more information.