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Snapcab Quality Construction

SnapCab® Pods provide an innovative, yet simple solution for companies looking to resolve the space and privacy challenges presented by today’s open office layouts. They’re perfect for establishing quiet, stand-alone cubicles that serve as individual workspaces, private rooms for one-on-one conversations or small conference rooms for meetings or collaborative team-building exercise. They also provide a more cost-effective alternative to expensive and time-consuming office renovation projects.

Our Pods feature quality construction that ensures many years of reliable service, no matter how often you move, upgrade or disassemble and reassemble them. You’ll get a solidly build product that will deliver an excellent long-term return on your investment.

About the Quality Construction of Our Pods

SnapCab Pods feature heavy-duty frames made from commercial-grade aluminum that combines stability and rigidity with maximum flexibility. Because these frames are so light, it makes it easy to relocate your Pods when necessary. The doors of our Pods are also rugged — we’ve tested them by hanging up to 500 pounds of weight from an open door, and there was no sagging or buckling. We’ve even included high-quality door hinges and hardware that can withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Our Pods also have expertly designed and built panels with high-performance laminate skins on the interior and exterior. You can lock the panels into place with ease for faster, more efficient installation.

Our Production Process Also Ensures the High-Quality Construction of SnapCab Pods

We manufacture each Pod by implementing a carefully developed methodology that delivers superior quality — every time. We press each panel with laminate to increase its strength and provide additional sound absorption properties. We then cut the panels with a specially designed shaping and drilling machine that delivers an accurate size and precise measurements. The final step entails attaching and hinging the glass door.

We wrap and package the Pod with care to ensure it arrives at your facility without damage and is ready for assembly. The plug-and-play functionality means you won’t have to perform additional wiring to accommodate your electric and electronic devices after setting up your Pod. Simply plug them in, and you’re ready to go.

Other Benefits Provided by SnapCab Pods

In addition to the quality construction, our Pods provide excellent value in many ways. Heavy-duty casters maximize mobility by allowing you to roll the assembled Pod to wherever you need it in your office layout. Installing your Pod is a fast, easy process, and you can even upgrade them to accommodate office renovations or new branding initiatives. With a choice of multiple sizes, colors and a variety of options like Corning® Gorilla® Glass, you can have a custom product that meets your current and future office space requirements.

Contact Us to Learn More About SnapCab Pods

Whether you’re looking to alleviate space and privacy challenges in an office, school, studio or other environments, SnapCab Pods offer quality construction, flexibility, mobility and much more. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how our Pods can benefit your building layout. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

Video Transcript

We ended up making these super heavy duty aluminum frames.

They are so heavy, they are so well made you can tip the whole thing up on one corner.

So this is our SnapCab frame, it’s a specialized extrusion built with 8 inch thick walls.

It’s super robust.

Notable differences on this pod include the commercial grade aspect and quality of just about everything from the door hinge and door hardware, to the gauge of aluminum in the door.

Here’s a section of the front extrusion again, demonstrating the intricate web design, providing a lot stability, ridgity.

A special spline embedded into part of the extrusion which keeps the panels in position.

It’s really robust, high density Baltic birch ply.

It’s incredibly stable.

We’ve got a bolted tennen that runs from the left and right side.

Then we’ve got high performance laminate skins on the interior and exterior that also serves as a marker board.

As an upgrade we do offer a PET wall finish, improving the acoustical experience.

And these are, of course, removable and adaptable, upgradeable panel kits, so all of these panels can come out.

The whole door, the seal is all friction fixed so there’s actually no contact between the door and the frame so again, for better acoustic properties.

It holds an incredible amount of weight so regardless of what you do. you can hang off of it.

It can take an enormous amount of stress.

We tested it with almost about 500 600 pounds of weight hanging off the door without any sag.

We future proofed our pod by designing a component into the corners that allows us to lock panels into place.