What Are Movable Work Pods?

SnapCab 2 Pods at SGA

Today’s open office concepts often create more productivity issues than they solve. One study found that open office concepts led to more text messages, more emails and less interaction and collaboration between coworkers. If you still want an open office concept, you can use movable office Pods to increase productivity while keeping the floor plan you have in mind.

Movable Office Pods

Movable office Pods from SnapCab® are standalone quiet spaces on wheels. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can use them as study areas, phone booths, meeting spaces and more. Additional features of these Pods include:

  • Customization: You can personalize the Pods to fit your office’s design.
  • Easy relocation: Any time you want to create a new layout, you simply wheel the Pods into place.
  • Sound absorption: Open offices include many distractions such as phone calls, employee conversations and background noise. Sound-absorbing Pods from SnapCab can fix that issue.
  • Quick updates: When you update your office or change the decor, you can change your Pod too. Simply switch out the exterior wall panels with a new color or image.

With our Pods, you’ll get all the benefits of open space mixed with the option for privacy. Employees who find an open office concept distracting can work in a Pod, make a phone call or even meet with clients or other co-workers in a quiet space. Your employees’ productivity can soar again with a Pod that lets them get the quiet space they need to work efficiently.

Tips on How to Use Office Pods

There are a variety of ways to make an office feel like home using Pods. Try following these tips on how to use office Pods to create a peaceful and more productive space:

  • Include communal quiet areas: The Pod doesn’t have to be the only quiet space in the office. You can design a section of the office to operate as a quiet area for employees who need it. Adding Pods to that space gives employees more options for privacy.
  • Incorporate seamless furniture: Today’s office spaces use a variety of design styles to make employees feel like they’re at home. With customized Pods, you can add furniture and other decor that makes the office more inviting and creates a seamless look.
  • Remember study areas: Offices aren’t the only spaces that can use Pods. Colleges and libraries can install Pods as study areas for students needing a quiet place, and if it’s appropriate for the kind of work you do, you can include these areas as well.
  • Provide conference rooms: Some meetings require a private space, like performance evaluations and important conference calls. A Pod from SnapCab is the perfect place to hold a private meeting.

Benefits of Movable Office Pods

When you install our movable office Pods, you can start to reap the benefits of them right away. From easy installation and mobility to increased privacy and productivity, Pods will help you upgrade your open office space to one that makes people feel more comfortable. Request more information about our movable office Pods and how they can make your office feel like home.