Snapcab Pod being moved

Maximum mobility is crucial for success in today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing and evolving work environments. Being lean and agile meets the scalability needs of 21st-century organizations, as they can easily add workstations to accommodate new employees or relocate them whenever they need to reconfigure an office layout. Mobility and flexibility can also allow companies to avoid significant remodeling and renovation projects that take time and often cost a lot of money.

SnapCab® can add the benefit of mobility to your office setting with our innovative Workspace solutions. You can use these solidly constructed, stand-alone spaces as individual offices, one-on-one conferenced areas or self-contained meeting rooms. You’ll get a comfortable, private workspace you can easily relocate to wherever you need it within your office layout.

Casters Provide the SnapCab Pod Mobility

The key to the mobility of our pods is the heavy-duty casters welded to a steel plate that supports the weight of the pod. The casters allow you to roll and maneuver the pods across the floor. Each caster can accommodate up to 800 pounds, which is more than enough for the pod and its contents, such as a table, chairs and computer and office equipment.

Suppose your pod contains heavier objects that make rolling it more difficult. A skid plate attached to the underside of the unit provides extra support if you prefer to move it with a lift truck. You’ll be able to transport it safely and efficiently over distances or load it onto a tractor-trailer or delivery truck with ease.

So Many Ways to Take Advantage of the SnapCab Mobility

You can use our mobile pods in a variety of ways. For instance, if rapid expansion is creating the need to add to your workforce quickly, you can use the SnapCab Focus to form several rows of individual workspaces. Unlike traditional cubicles, our Workspaces are enclosed units with sound-absorbing panels that will create quiet, private workstations, even in a confined area of your facility. The fast assembly and installation process also provide a more time-efficient alternative that will meet your staffing requirements.

Maybe you’re looking to integrate a mobile meeting area into your layout. Our SnapCab Meet 4 pod is the perfect size for groups of two to four people, and you can move it around to different departments without having to create a permanent conference room or area. Our largest unit, the Meet 6 pod, provides the space for team-building activities and helps to foster a collaborative work environment.

All our pods offer an assortment of finish options that allow you to create the ideal appearance for your work areas. You can also upgrade the paneling to change the look of your pods when the time comes, such as undergoing an extensive renovation project or updating your branding.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Mobility of SnapCab Pods

Feel free to contact us online for more information regarding the mobility of our pods and how it can benefit your present and future operating requirements. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

Video Transcript

Originally they didn’t have wheels.

I remember I was talking to our bench manufacturer, and they said “hey we’d love to have one of pods if only it was on a wheel” because they’re a lean manufacturing company, we’re a lean manufacturing company.

And we all realized, well of course they have to be on wheels.

So we point out the robust casters we have that are welded to this steel plate.

Each wheel holds about 800 pounds.

We’ve got a skid plate which helps protect the bottom under carriage during movement.

So if we want to slide a forklift or a pump truck, we’ve got some protection from the under carriage.

My name is David Robinson and I am the founder of Fractal Workspace.

We are kind of a boutique co-working spot in Kingston, Ontario.

I am standing in front of our SnapCabs.

The area that we have these set up in actually converts into an event space.

So we can move these pods out, which is really exciting.

We also consider moving them into other parts of our space, so the fact that they’re mobile is amazing.