What Makes a Good Study Space?


If you’re a student, it’s imperative to have a designated study space to keep you on-task and productive. Whether you’re a student or professional, greater productivity helps make you successful. But, wherever you are, it’s easy to get distracted and off task, too. Whether your friend has a personal emergency, you check a notification on your social media that turns into a half-hour break or you go out for a snack, you may not be giving your work the time and attention that you need to do your best work.

Below we’ll discuss how important it is to find a good place to get work done and to give you some study space ideas.


The Importance of a Good Study Area

When you have a task to get done, like studying for a test, writing a research paper or preparing for a big presentation, you need the right place to get the job done and to do it right.

An excellent study area will help you do your best work, while a bad study space will distract you and have a negative impact on your work’s quality.

Every person learns a little differently, so every person strives in different work environments. One person may need lots of light, complete quiet and a particular type of chair to work. Others may be more flexible and can work in many different environments.

Finding the right type of environment is key to improving your productivity and the overall quality of your work.

How Do You Create a Study Environment?

Like we mentioned before, each person’s ideal study environment may be a little bit different. As you’re looking for the perfect environment, you’ll learn new things about what helps and what distracts you from your goals. Here are a few tips for creating a good study space, to begin with:

  • Choose One Place: Whether you’re a college student living in a dorm or a working professional, it can be very helpful to designate one specific space with your work. Over time, your brain will associate that environment with work and can make it easier to focus and get things done. When you’re continually trying to work in new places, it can be more distracting.
  • Listen to Ambient Noise: If you don’t like absolute quiet, listen to ambient sounds while you work. These could be a noise machine playing ocean sounds, instrumental music — no lyrics! — or even just a fan. These noises can help drown out other sounds that may distract.
  • Gather Everything You Need So you don’t have to keep getting up, collect everything you’ll need before you get started. Your organization will help you get your work done faster and more accurately.
  • Avoid Distraction: When you’re trying to get something done, especially when you’re on a deadline, distraction is your enemy. Make sure your environment is free of as many potential distractions as possible.

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