SnapCab Pods at Scientists

Comfort and professionalism are excellent motivators for success. That’s why the SnapCab® Pod offers practical, affordable and sleek-looking office spaces for businesses, schools and other organizations.

In each Pod, we’ve included fully customizable furniture best suited to productivity. You can remove our furniture and replace it with anything you’d like at any time.

A Variety of Options for Furniture Flexibility

SnapCab Pods come equipped with a removable bench and table, and can be filled with the furniture of your choosing. The benches are made from poly-leather material and the tables are made from an integrated solid phenolic. Each modular office Pod creates a “diner feel” while offering enough space for your laptop and work materials. Our office Pods come equipped with a whiteboard wall, ideal for meetings and collaboration.

Want to add your own furniture? Each caster attached to the bottom can accommodate up to 800 pounds — enough to hold a table, chairs and other heavy equipment. Whether you use SnapCab Pods for individual offices or collaborative meetings, our varied space dimensions are guaranteed to hold the furniture you need.

Advantages of Modular Office SnapCab Pods

With one or several SnapCab Pods in your space, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Compact: SnapCab Pods are reconfigurable and compact. They maximize space while providing the necessary dimensions for furniture of your choice. Our SnapCab Meet 4 Pod seats two to four people while the SnapCab Meet 6 unit is designed for teams and collaborative work.
  • Movable: The modular design allows you to assemble Pods where and how you want. Because they are equipped with wheels, moving Pods is a breeze. Simply roll the Pods anywhere you’d like and lock them in.
  • Customizable: Our Pods offer a variety of finish options to meet your aesthetic needs. Individual Pod panels can be fabricated from Corning® Gorilla® Glass gigapixel custom large-format, high resolution printed graphics, Gorilla Glass whiteboard, a mix of white and color laminates or all of the above.
  • Quiet: Our felt-lined interior panels and carpet help absorb sound. Meeting Pods can increase your office’s sound barriers to reduce overall noise.

Learn More About Furniture Options for Your SnapCab Pod

Find out more about how SnapCab Pods can meet your comfort and functionality needs. Contact us today for additional information about our Pod furniture options and a no-obligation quote.

Video Transcript

The other thing I love about these Pods is that they are like a diner in a booth.
This is basically, you know, a small diner bench with a diner table.
SnapCab offers an optional bench and table that have been designed specifically for functionality and comfort in Pods.
Benches are made from poly-leather material.
Tables are made from an integrated solid phenolic.
Or you can use any furniture you’d like!
I can also fit all of my equipment on the work surface plus a notepad.