Fire Suppression

Pods for Flexible office spaces

Fire safety is a critical component of an office building’s infrastructure. Appropriate fire prevention and control measures are also essential for meeting building code standards.

SnapCab® pods offer a flexible stand-alone office space solution that can also meet your fire safety requirements. You can install them with confidence wherever you need to accommodate individuals, small groups or teams. Although pods aren’t necessarily incorporated into the original design of the structure, you can equip them with reliable fire suppression systems whenever you install them.

How Does a SnapCab Pod Fire Suppression System Work?

Our innovative Workspaces give you the flexibility to connect them to your building’s hard plumbing system to tap into the water supply and provide fire suppression functionality. A knockout in the ceiling can accommodate a discreet sprinkler head covered with a specially designed cap. When a fire in the building causes the temperature inside the pod to reach a certain level, the sprinkler head will lower automatically, and the sprinkler system activates.

What Are the Benefits of Fire Suppression Systems for Modular Office Pods?

Integrating a fire suppression system into your SnapCab pods can dramatically improve safety in your facility. These systems can reduce the risk of the loss of life from fire by up to 82% and lower the amount of property damage by up to 71%. The types of buildings that derive the biggest benefit from pods equipped with fire suppression capabilities include data centers, healthcare facilities, offices that rely on the extensive use of telecommunications systems and equipment and those that handle or store a high volume of flammable or combustible materials.

Other SnapCab Advantages

SnapCab Workspaces offer an excellent solution for today’s open office environments where private space is at a premium. Our pods are:

  • Easy to install: The modular construction and clear labeling make setting up our pods a breeze. With the plug-and-play connectivity, you can use your computers and other electronic devices without having to do any rewiring.
  • Easy to relocate: Once you’ve set up your pods, you can move them to just about anywhere in your office layout. Casters on the bottom allow you to roll them across the floor with ease, and you can also transport them with a forklift if necessary.
  • Easy to remodel: Upgrade the paneling of your pods as your needs change over time, such as when undertaking an office renovation project or engaging in a new branding initiative.
  • Multiple sizes and colors: We offer SnapCab Workspaces in multiple sizes to accommodate individual workers, one-on-one meetings or small groups. You can also choose from many colors and a range of options, such as Corning® Gorilla® Glass to create the ideal finish.

Contact Us to Learn More About the Fire Suppression Capabilities of SnapCab Workspace Pods

Learn more about the many benefits of a SnapCab pod with built-in fire suppression. Contact us for more information today. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

Video Transcript

So, each pod can be hard plumed for fire protection system and fire sprinkler.

So, this is the head, so what happens is when it drops there is a cap that fits over top of this, which contains the head.

And what happens, in this case, when this is heated at a certain temperature, this falls down, and the head falls down, and the sprinkler is activated.

So, what we provide is a knockout in the ceiling tile where the fire suppression head can be place.

We have a hole where the hard plum would come in from the building itself.

A discreet flange is placed through the hole and allows the sprinkler system to float easily into the knockout from the ceiling tile.

If you do hard plum the fire suppression system into the pod, it’s very important to make sure that the pod itself is secured to the floor; so again, we’d be using our seismic feet.