Customization Video

Most employees need to establish an ideal work environment to maximize their productivity and comfort. SnapCab® Workspace offers the flexibility to customize your office space to meet your requirements. You’ll be able to create settings that seamlessly combine functionality with aesthetics and include the “extra” touches that make an office space feel like home. You’ll have a quiet, private work area that will minimize distractions and stimulate the thought process, which can lead to better overall job performance.

So Many Options for Customization

You can begin to customize your SnapCab Workspace even before it arrives at your facility. When you order pods, you can select from multiple laminate choice for the wall panels. For a small upcharge, you can choose a laminate finish from one of many top manufacturers. If you prefer a premium finish, we suggest Corning® Gorilla® Glass, which provides a blank canvas for implementing a wide variety of patterns, images and colors. You can even personalize the paneling with your company’s logo or branding slogan.

The customization possibilities don’t end with the design of your pods. Your workers can equip and furnish each unit to suit their preferences and accommodate their working styles. The sturdy aluminum frame and solidly built compressed wood panels can support brackets for shelving and tables, as well as fasteners to serve as hooks for hanging heavy objects. With the plug-and-play electrical connectivity, you can install everything from air conditioners and flat screen televisions to office and computer equipment without having to do any rewiring.

As SnapCab pods come in multiple sizes, you can also choose the amount of floor space that suits your purposes. The Talk, our smallest unit, works well as a one-person office that still offers plenty of chances for customization. The Meet 4 provides more room for setting up a one-on-one conference room, while the Meet 6 is the perfect size for holding collaborative team meetings. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have the flexibility to create a custom-designed, furnished and equipped workspace that will add value to your work processes.

Additional SnapCab Workspace Benefits

Aside from all the customization choices, SnapCab pods give you a mobile office space solution you can use just about anywhere. Casters mounted to steel plates on the bottom of the units allow you to push them across the floor of your facility, and you can also transport them with a forklift if needed. We’ve made them easy to install, which saves time and labor. You can even upgrade your pods’ paneling if you embark on a facility renovation project at some point and need to change their look.

Feel Free to Contact Us Regarding Your Customization Requirements

If you have specific ideas about how to customize your SnapCab pods, we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. We’ll do everything possible to turn your concept into a reality, and we might even be able to offer some suggestions to improve your design. Contact us online to learn more today.

Video Transcript

And I keep my workspace right on the factory floor where everything is happening.

I sort of tricked it out, I added a curtain hook, I got my mailbox right here, and I got a spot for a trash can.

I used a medium sized pod bench here to make room for the printer and my trash, and this is a regular L sized bench on the other side.

One of my favorite things about a pod is how versatile it is.

You can do absolutely anything you want.

Here we installed a 49 inch tv and it is installed irregularly into our solid panels.

The way we have confectioned (?) the pod with aluminum in the exterior and then the panels of compressed wood will hold absolutely anything you want installed.

I also love how the pod is ready to get any tech that you have and anything that you need for work.

So this is our Facebook (?) portal in here and you can use this for video conferencing.

So that little camera in there is a super wide angle that will get everyone that is inside of the pod and you can video conference in the other side (?).

This is our on-site pod manufacturing support pod.

As you can see the guys have used their own shelf brackets from Fast Cap to hold this desktop up and it makes a terrific work area.

Alright, now here we are in Trevor, our shop foreman’s pod, that he has customized for himself and guess what?

Trevor is into guitars.

It’s very easy to display when you have walls that you can put fasteners anywhere that you want.

This is an amazing product.

I am super excited about it because I am wondering what kinds of ideas are going to come out of the conversations  and focus work that is going to be happening in these pods.

So for me, I am feeling like wow, it’s neat to be able to provide an environment where people can do some real thinking.