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Ensuring compliance with the frequently changing building and electrical codes is a challenge that nearly every company faces these days. SnapCab® Workspaces give you a mobile, flexible office solution that will also meet your code compliance requirements. Install them wherever you need to create a quiet, private space in your office layout. They will also provide the connectivity you need to power your laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other electrical and electronic equipment efficiently and safely.

Our Pods Are UL-Listed and Seismic-Tested

Underwriting Laboratories has been setting the global standard for product safety testing and certification for more than a century. SnapCab pods are UL-Listed, fulfilling the requirements in crucial areas such as fire and smoke resistance, as well as personal safety assessments and table load and stability testing. The low-voltage electrical wiring within the panels also complies with the UL testing guidelines. You can install your pods with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Seismic testing is another critical safety aspect for organizations located in earthquake zones. Our pods have undergone comprehensive stability and anchorage testing conducted by Critical Structures, one of the most respected and accomplished structural engineering firms in the United States. You can rest assured knowing your office pods can withstand significant structural challenges and contribute to a safer work environment, whether you’re susceptible to earthquakes or any other operational or environmental issues.

Understanding the Electrical Capabilities of SnapCab pods

Our pods come with 110V electrical outlets and a USB charging port you. You won’t need to perform any additional wiring to connect your devices. The plug-and-play capability simplifies the entire process and enhances safety. You can create a fully equipped work environment for your employees while achieving code compliance.

Other Valuable SnapCab pod Benefits

SnapCab Workspaces are fast and easy to install. Besides the plug-and-play connectivity, they feature a modular design and clear labeling that simplifies the on-site assembly process. They also include heavy-duty casters that allow you to wheel them to wherever you need them. If you decide to remodel your office at some point, you can also upgrade the pod wall panels easily to coordinate with your new office layout and design.

Our pods come in a variety of sizes — whether you need to create individual workspaces, one-on-one meeting rooms or conference areas for team collaboration, you’ll find the right solution for your needs. You can also choose from a variety of colors, as well as premium finishes such as Corning® Gorilla® Glass (available for a small upcharge). If you prefer, you can select a blank canvas that allows you to create a custom finish that contains your brand, logo or anything else you desire.

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Video Transcript

Pods have 2 main testings.

One is the UL rating and you can find that on the UL website, very easily.

We’ve got here an example of what the UL website looks like and there is one of our entries to furniture powered, and non-powered.

Here is the certificate number over here, E502865.

Pods are tested to UL standard 962 and in doing that they looked at fire and smoke, electrical, impact resistant; table low testing, personal safety assessment and they did a lot of stability testing on it as well.

The seismic testing was carried out by critical structures, whose report is here on my screen.

And it covers, as it says, the stability and anchorage of all three sizes of the SnapCab Pod.

It’s very current and here is the inspectors stamp.

They went into great detail and were very impressed with the performance of all of the pods.

The floor hatch access to the power supply is code compliant in Chicago.

The 100 bolt DC cable with multiple outlets is a single molded piece and leads directly to the under floor compartment with a single lift up plate which an inspector can easily access.

This is all low voltage wire, again it meets the UL code, which can be easily placed in the canopy in the walls.