Five Uses for an Office Pod That Doesn’t Include Meetings

SnapCab Pod L with Panaramic Gorilla Glass

They’re modern. They’re mobile. And, yes, they’re multi-functional. SnapCab’s® lineup of Pods are the triple threat when it comes to workplace spatial solutions — for more reasons than meet the eye.

From their caster-mounted rolling base and their personalized panels to their plug-and-play electronic outfitting, we’ve fabricated our modular Pods to enhance nearly any professional environment. Plus, as office pods become more and more prevalent in today’s trending workplace designs, so too must their versatility for that popularity to be matched by performance.

While tried-and-true as a meeting-room solution for limited-space offices and open floor plans, Pods can be used for and help encourage so much more. Let’s explore some of these out-of-the-box uses for modular Pods below, getting you inspired along the way.


1. To Get Into the Flow State

A term from positive psychology, “flow” is used to describe a mental state of concentration, absorption in immediate activities and effective task accomplishment. Worker flow states are therefore when your employees enter this headspace, immersed in their immediate work and a sense of in-the-moment clarity and creativity.

Psychologists add one last criterion to achieving the flow state — losing the ego. Not the kind that means conceit, but the one that’s self-critical and idea-repressing. In the psychology world, losing the ego means momentarily suspending your sense of self. This, in turn, can lead to higher feelings of mental acuity, adaptability, positivity and productivity. Who knew losing could mean gaining something better?

design for focus

Those working in a quiet, distraction-reducing Pod have a higher likelihood of entering the psychological flow state. SnapCab Pods are explicitly designed for focus. Each of the three available sizes features parts and technology with a distraction-reducing onus, including:

  • Acoustic panels with sound-absorbing materials, fabricated especially to keep what’s going on outside the Pod on the outside, and what’s happening inside, inside.
  • Carpet flooring that comes standard in each size, further reducing the amount of noise that would otherwise leach in.
  • Tempered glass front doors with precision-closing, sealing Pods and lending you a private, noise-absorbing space.
  • Felt ceiling, rounding out the design features that make Pods the office’s go-to, flow-state zone.

When is the flow state needed in the office?

  • When writing: Reports, pitches, outlines, presentations, blog posts, sales collateral, speeches and more. Office Pods for writing are an ideal setting to get words-based work done — and is a function of the workday that won’t be going anywhere — or getting replaced by robots — anytime soon. Conversations about last night’s big game won’t distract you from nailing marketing copy or churning out that brief to impress the boss.
  • When designing: Like writing-based work, those dedicated to design often need quiet, removed spaces to stir up their creative juices. Whether you’re creating product spec sheets, building blueprints or drafting the final presentation for tomorrow’s big board meeting, Pods can offer flow-inducing respite.
  • When ideating: Idea generation thrives when employees have the time and confidence to follow their whims and feel empowered to produce innovative work. Pods give them a resource to do so. A fully enclosed office cubicle amidst an expansive open floorplan lends the quiet thinkers and inspired extravert alike a spot to flesh out their ideas. Plus, with Pods’ innate mobility, employees can be as remote or close-to-the-action as they prefer.

2. To Get the Right Space for the Right Conversation

Open-office concepts are notorious for sound problems. Yes, the sprawling expanse, natural light and collaborative energy have their benefits when it comes to lifting the atmosphere at work. Yet they encourage both audible and visual distractions that can disrupt the linear cognitive processing needed for the human brain to enter a state of focused productivity.

In fact, offices with uncontrolled noise levels have been shown to court many of the following issues:

  • More missed deadlines
  • Higher rates of absenteeism
  • Reduced employee engagement
  • Faster spreading of colds, flu and other illness
  • Increased difficulties in both ease and meaning of interactions

Difficult conversations due to sound and visual distractions aren’t relegated solely to office work. Other industries operating outside of that traditional cubicle-speckled space face their fair share of noise challenges, too. Consider the following environments where noise reduction is a premium — and sometimes even a compliance — concern:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries

Pods offer a solution. Rather than fill your office space with heavy cubicles or your clinic with immobile partitions meant to reduce these visual and audio interferences, give your employees direct access to private conversation Pods.

These Pods become the go-to booths for personal and professional conversations. No disruptive noise interfering with important speeches, presentations or reports. No other voices muting your own. Once installed, these quiet pods create the kind of space dedicated to the smooth, productive conversations necessary for any workplace to function.

Go to booth for conversations

There are many ways SnapCab Pods can be used as conversation booths:

  • Pods as phone booths: Office pods work great for phone calls of any nature. For professional purposes, many employees need a fully enclosed space to make business and conference calls without interference. Likewise, when personal matters pop up — as they inevitably do — workers can step away for a moment to take care of the matter at hand without causing a scene or distracting others.
  • Pods as video conferencing booths: Each of the three Pod sizes has simple plug-and-play electronic connection to a standard 110VAC outlet. Video conference calls can avoid the free-floating noise of offices plus other conversations and idle chit-chatters that make it hard to concentrate. The Pods’ installed tabletop gives employees a place to set up laptops and any other video calling devices.
  • Pods as compliant consultation stations: Medical facilities like hospitals and clinics may benefit from quiet, removed areas dedicated to private patient consultations. Doctors and nurses can review test results and have other HIPPA-sensitive conversations in a secure location, without the worry of private information being overheard.

3. To Get Some Quick R&R

Not so long ago, getting caught napping at work was likely to earn an employee a one-way ticket home. Nowadays, it’s gaining traction as a workplace amenity that many age groups say they prioritize.

The trend began with Silicon Valley and West Coast startups whose employees clocked in such long hours, napping become a necessity rather than a luxury. However, more and more research is highlighting the correlation between rest and recovery and actual workplace productivity — not just the appearance of it.

recharge in the workplace

While napping may still raise eyebrows in certain work cultures and remains far from mainstream, Pods can strike a balance that makes both management and employees happy. What’s more, SnapCab office Pods can go beyond napping. There are many ways to “recharge” in the workplace:

  • Office pods for napping: Both M and L Pods can be installed into quieter areas of the workplace. Serving as designated recharge booths, you won’t have employees slinking off to hidden corners to catch some Z’s — or worse, taking a nap out in the open at their desk. Offices can pick to outfit their nap Pods with SnapCab’s own line of furniture or purchase their own.
  • Pods for quiet relaxation: Neuropsychology has proven taking strategic breaks from heavy “think work” stimulates creativity and executive functions while boosting your overall mood. Even a five-minute pause cools down the parts of the brain responsible for stress and anxiousness, allowing the beneficial brain states to take hold. SnapCab Pods can be used explicitly as private break rooms, great for reading during a lunch break, quick meditations or any other activity that helps calm and collect your workforce.
  • Pods for catching up with colleagues: Take a quick break to swap stories or share some downtime with close colleagues, all within a comfortable enclosure. When inside a Pod, no one will have to worry about distracting other employees or holding their conversation in an inappropriate area.
  • Pods as a snack or beverage station: L Pods are large enough to house the coffee and snack bars so prized in today’s workplaces. Employees can step inside and treat themselves to food and drink of their choice, momentarily removed from their hectic desks or workstations. With the Pods’ motion-activated LED lights and fans, no one needs to remember to turn off the off lights to save electricity when done, plus the smell of food and drinks stays contained within the Pod.

4. To Get Some Privacy

The average office worker will be interrupted once every 11 minutes. Post-interruption, it can take some individuals up to 23 minutes to get back on track with their work, according to research from the University of California, Irvine.

These same studies also illustrate the real reason for so many interruptions. Surprisingly, it isn’t other coworkers coming over to talk about their terrible morning commute — it’s peripheral stimulus.

Small but enticing visual changes — such as someone getting up from a chair or emerging unexpectedly from around the corner — catch people’s attention even if they just see the change out of the corner of their eyes. Even tiny visual changes create mental distractions that pull people from their immediate work, with derailment potential that adds up.

If the problem behind productivity rests in visual stimulation, then so, too, must the solution. That’s where Pods’ privacy-first fabrication comes in.

Privacy pods

Built from full-panel walls, ceilings, carpet flooring and tempered glass doors, SnapCab Pods are a complete enclosure. They reduce the likelihood of visual distractions by encasing employee lines of sight in a way few other office space solutions can, mitigating those problematic peripheral visuals and therefore reducing what and who can be seen.

In other words, when you work inside a Pod, you’re quite literally blocking out visual distractions — a winning productivity recipe according to neuropsychology.

Pods provide an intuitive privacy solution for a range of employee seclusion needs:

  • Privacy from the physical world: Pods eliminate the hustle and bustle of the workplace. They’re quiet, enclosed and comfortable, so your employees can kick back and work on whatever needs their full attention.
  • Privacy from screens: Between desktops, laptops, smartphones, televisions and fully digital walls, it’s hard to find a screenless spot in the workspace. The sheer number of screens can be jarring and distracting, not to mention the numerous interruptions that come from opening multiple Internet tabs, checking social media, receiving texts and spotting email alerts on our personal devices.
  • Privacy from interpersonal interruptions: Even well-meaning coworkers can offset accomplishing our to-do lists with harmless questions and conversations. Seating yourself in a Pod is a simple way to signal your desire for a retreat.
  • Privacy for essential tasks and conversations: As noted above, privacy is preferred for many communications, and privacy can be a compliance measure. Pods act as privacy portals for formal and informal exchanges which regulations mandate must be done securely.

5. To Get Personal Workspace Touches

Surveys show one of the top requests from employees on their workplace wish list is a more personalized environment. Namely, they want offices and workstations with homey touches — think couches, armchairs, throw pillows, cubbies, light fixtures and even spatially diverse rooms.

More personalized workspaces look better, and they encourage place identity. Place identity is the psychological effect of a place on people — how individuals feel in their surroundings, plus how those feelings influence mood, behavior, self-perception and activity.

Personalized workspaces can be eclectic and creative. Most importantly, they should match the culture of the organization, with decorative touches that are on-brand as well as intimate. Bland fluorescent lights and rows of identical desks are a design punchline for a reason. They don’t curate positive place identity, and they don’t allow employees to see themselves as involved with their surroundings.

add a personalized homey touch

Pods add personalized, homey touches to nearly any work environment. It’s one of their key design advantages, allowing you to reinvent that environment to be productive and personal — exactly what employees say they’re looking for.

Both within and outside the booths themselves, organizations can showcase their personal and brand aesthetic touches in a few ways:

  • Wall panels: Pod wall panels are made from standard or high-pressure laminate or Corning® Gorilla® Glass. This gives you almost endless customization capabilities, to be built in your selected colors, patterns or even high-resolution imagery.
  • Furniture: Pod furniture can come outfitted with chairs, couches and various-sized tables. Each can be embellished with the cozier design touches described above to amplify the ambiance of the space.
  • Finish: Want an eye-catching sheen on your Pods? Our standard white laminate comes in a high-gloss finish that’ll do the trick. Looking for something bolder? We can make panels from high-pressure laminate sourced across color schemes from your exact desired manufacturer. Through our design consultation process, we can make sure our Pod panels match nearly any current workplace aesthetic.

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