When it comes to working, collaborating and being productive in a modern office space, most companies don’t utilize floor plans that allow for quiet, private spaces to encourage individual thinking, collaborative conversations or uninterrupted productivity. Open floor plans still have their advantages, and acquiring more corporate office space or building conference rooms can be expensive, so you don’t want to change your company’s layout. However, you do wish you could integrate your already-existing setting with individualized spaces for more privacy and productivity at the right times.

SnapCab® is here to solve your problem with an innovative product called Pods. Simple to assemble, install and integrate into your office setting, these stylish standalone office units offer the ultimate ease in mobility, cleanability and remodeling. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, Pods provide the perfect space for the privacy and productivity you desire at the best value possible.

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Providing high-quality, innovative products since 1983, SnapCab is proud of its workmanship, materials and dedication to providing the best options for the customers we care about. We believe in our products — especially our Pods. With their simple installation abilities, ease of relocation, and options for upgrading and remodeling down the road, we know you’ll love our Pods and the opportunities for advanced productivity they provide within your workspace. For your peace of mind, however, we provide a three-year warranty on all our physical goods to cover you against manufacturing defects or failures. We will replace or repair your Pod in the case of any such issues during the length of your warranty.

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