Pod Laminate Options

When designing your personalized SnapCab® Pod, you have multiple options to choose from. One of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process is the material for the Pod’s wall panels. We can produce laminate panels for your Pod walls that make your creative vision a reality. Learn why customers choose laminate for their SnapCab Pods and whether it’s the right choice for you.

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Why Choose Laminate?

Requesting Pod wall panels in laminate lets you take advantage of features like:

  • A clean look and feel: High-pressure laminate provides a smooth and sleek appearance with little cost and effort. Whether you choose a matte or gloss finish, you’ll end up with a Pod that looks clean and professional.
  • Most affordable prices: Our laminate panels have the lowest price point out of the Pod wall options while offering unlimited creative opportunities.
  • Infinite design choices: Specify the manufacturer, color or pattern of your panels. We understand that you want your Pod to look perfect, so we don’t limit you to our standard white laminate. Tell us your idea, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Quickest turnaround: If you choose laminate, we can get your Pod to you faster than other options, making it great for customers with a deadline.
  • Flexible and modular: Branding, funding and preferences change, and so do our laminate wall panels. Thanks to their modular installation, you can request new panels at any time to change your Pod’s appearance.
  • Simple care and use: To clean your laminate, use a general cleaning solution with a nonabrasive cloth.

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Standard Laminate

No fuss, no nonsense. We keep our gloss white laminate on hand to create sleek Pod walls that don’t compromise appearance for efficiency. The color white effortlessly makes a space look more open, enhancing your Pod experience. White laminate also creates a professional and clean look that will wow its occupiers without time spent creating a design. Savings-savvy customers appreciate our white laminate because it offers our most affordable choice of wall paneling.

Expanded Options

Looking for something more colorful? We can acquire laminate from many prominent manufacturers with the colors and patterns you desire. Custom laminate costs a little more and takes longer to receive than standard laminate, but it lets you achieve your desired look at a lower price than other options. Laminate on demand lets you make the Pod environment you want while keeping to your budget.

Laminate or Corning® Gorilla® Glass?

In addition to our laminate paneling, you can choose panels created from Gorilla Glass, a durable and dependable material. Either option can create a Pod that meets your specifications — the decision is simply a matter of preference. In exchange for a higher cost and lead time, Gorilla Glass boasts clear and bright colors and robust custom options. Customers who value time and money will likely prefer laminate over Gorilla Glass.

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