SnapCab® Pods as Phone Booths

In today’s open office layouts, finding a place to make a private phone call can be a challenge. A SnapCab Pod can serve as a stand-alone phone room you can place anywhere you need it. Use it as a phone office where your staff members can have the privacy to make individual calls to clients or business associates, or to stage conference calls for up to six participants. With SnapCab phone booths for offices, callers can enjoy confidentiality and avoid disrupting other workers on the floor.

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What Is a SnapCab Pod?

The SnapCab Pod is a self-contained unit that is available in three different configurations to accommodate one to two, two to four, or four to six workers. The smallest model is ideal for making individual phone calls. Each Pod consists of attractive, sound-absorbing panels made from your choice of plastic laminate or Corning® Gorilla® Glass. The Pod’s ceiling includes acoustical panels that accommodate lighting and even a ventilation fan for additional comfort.

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Benefits of a Using SnapCab Pod as a Phonebooth?

Besides privacy, SnapCab phone offices offer the following benefits:

Pod L with woman on phone

  • Easy installation: The Pod’s modular design and construction makes setup a breeze. You’ll experience an installation that is the fastest and most seamless in our industry, and your staff will appreciate the lack of noise throughout the process. Clear labeling and plug-and-play connectivity for phones and other electrical devices further simplifies the installation.
  • Easy relocation: You can also move our acoustic phone Pods quickly and efficiently. You can roll the caster-mounted Pod to whenever you need it or to an area that ensures maximum caller privacy.
  • Remodel/reconfigure as needed: If you want to remodel or change the look of your phone Pod at some point, you can easily upgrade the paneling, replace the carpeting or make other simple modifications. You won’t have to bear the expense of purchasing brand-new Pods.
  • Sound absorption: The Pod’s felt ceiling, high-quality seals and carpeting, and ventilation fan combine to create a sound-resistant acoustic phone booth that will eliminate distractions.
  • Customization: There are many opportunities to customize the appearance and functionality of our SnapCab Pods. You have multiple options regarding panel color and design style, furniture, accessories and more, enabling you to create a personalized phone booth that meets your exact preferences.
  • Low cost: When you compare the price of SnapCab Pods to a more extensive, permanent office remodeling project, you’re sure to be pleased with how much money you’ll save. Features such as energy-efficient LED lighting and a motion-activated ventilation fan will help to keep your utility costs under control.

At SnapCab we care about our customers, and it shows in our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship that has been the hallmark of our company since 1995. When you invest in a SnapCab Pod, you get a patented system of interlocking panels designed to make your installation, remodeling or modernization project a snap!

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