Inside SnapCab

Inside SnapCab gives you a look inside our home – the authentic, real, and sometimes messy pieces, too! 

At SnapCab, we love to record our processes through simple phone videos, so we're sharing them here with you. Why? We've learned so much from the generosity of others who share their knowledge through video, and we want to pay it forward. Plus, Inside SnapCab is our collection point so we always know where to look when we ask ourselves, "Hey, where's that video again?" 

Below you will find several categories of videos, as well as a sample of what you'll find in each category. When you click for more, you'll arrive at a full, searchable library on the topic! Enjoy, share, and be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

SnapCab Story

This is where it all began! From 1983 onward, SnapCab has had a rich history that includes fine woodworking, cabinetry, growing an elevator interior business and then a pod business, and everything else in between!

In this section, you'll find some of our back story as well as some fun throwbacks!

SnapCab Philosophy

The SnapCab community has a unique perspective on how to operate a business – one focused on kindness, authenticity and usefulness. 

We love our products, but what we are recognized for more and more is our focus on working together collaboratively instead of competitively, rewarding  for mistakes, and reflecting on our thoughts and actions.

Meet SnapCab

Nice to meet you! We're excited to introduce you to the people behind the company. In this section, you'll meet our founder and CEO, Glenn Bostock, as well as the managers and technicians who work in our shop and departments.

We're also thrilled to share with you a new series we've been working on called My Purpose at SnapCab. Come take a look!

Product Development

It may seem unusual to see SnapCab product development videos before we launch certain products, and that's exactly why we're doing it!

Research and development is such a big component of what we do here, that we believe it's only authentic to share what we can as soon as possible. Plus, when we share, we learn more. 

Lean Culture

Lean manufacturing is an integral part of SnapCab, that has helped us to eliminate waste, reduce cost, ensure timely delivery, and remain highly responsive to the needs of our customers and colleagues. 

At the heart of lean is the practice of empowering teammates to identify challenges and create solutions – together.

Lean principles are not limited to manufacturing. They can be applied to any industry – and any part of life! 

In this section, you'll learn the meaning of the words Kaizen, Gemba, Turnback, 5S, Kanban and much more!

Friends of SnapCab

We're so grateful for the friends we've made along the way, through our internal team, customer interactions, community relationships and more.

We like to believe that the right people come into our lives at the right time, because it's been true all along. We wouldn't be where we are today without the kindness and friendship of those who support SnapCab.

Here you'll watch testimonials from people who have taken a SnapCab Lean Tour, employees and customers.

Learn About Our Product Lines

Ready to learn more about our Workspace and Elevator products? Visit our dedicated sites for more!

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