Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission: Paneling Systems Simplified

Our Philosophy

Your elevator is more than a convenience – or a conveyance. It is an introduction to your building. When people walk into an elevator, they see more than just walls. They see the care and attention you have put into this space, and it forms a lasting impression. Our goal is to help you send a message of quality, comfort, and safety that resonates with every user.

Built on Simplicity

Our mission is more than words: it guides every single step of our process. Renovating an elevator interior should be simple – and getting what you want should be even easier.

It all starts before installation: we do as much work in our factory as possible to save you time and hassle on the job site. From pre-installing handrails in advance to anticipating problems and building to avoid them, we think of every detail so projects can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Compliance is always at the top of our minds. While speed and convenience are critical priorities, nothing tops safety. Rest assured that every product, material, and assembly is fully tested in its end use configuration and meets or exceeds all code requirements. There are never any surprises.

We believe in delivering your elevator panels and ceilings on time, every time, eliminating costly downtime and ensuring you stay on schedule. This is also why we package your interior system with all the hardware, screw tips, spray cleaner, paper towels, and garbage bags you’ll need. Work isn’t constantly interrupted by wasteful trips to the hardware store.

With this streamlined approach and the ease of our patented interlocking system, your elevator interior can be installed in a day or less. Our team knows that you’re on a schedule and takes every action possible to minimize cost while maximizing results.

Our Lean Journey

Lean manufacturing is an integral part of the SnapCab story. Our repeatable processes, driven by lean best practices (such as 5S, Kanban, Kaizen and standard work) allow us to eliminate waste, reduce cost, ensure timely delivery, and remain highly responsive to customer needs. This enables us to provide outstanding quality at lower prices.

We also prize continuous development and innovation. By empowering our people to identify challenges and create solutions, we are able to improve today – and deliver even more exceptional interiors to our customers tomorrow.

Paneling systems simplified. It’s our promise to each and every customer.

There are lots of other manufacturers, but we are the leader in manufacturing elevator interiors that save you time and money. SnapCabs meet or exceed all safety standards and fire code requirements, and are used by major elevator manufacturers when remodeling or installing new elevator interiors.