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SnapCab® Pods Offer a Better Modular Office Design Alternative

Pod LayoutSnapCab Pods can provide the advantages of an open modular work environment while eliminating the noise and distractions that can limit productivity. Use SnapCab Pods to create a portable office space you can place exactly where you need it. The Pods are designed and constructed to absorb sound and create a quiet, private workzone for individual or group activities.

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Benefits of Using SnapCab Pods for a Modular Office Design

SnapCab Pods provide three major benefits for any organization seeking to maximize the modular office layout concept:

Design your podDesign to your Taste

Upgrade your Pod paneling down the road to coordinate with facility remodeling or fresh branding efforts. While our standard Pod comes in a beautiful high-gloss, white laminate, you can also personalize your Pod. Pick a laminate from any manufacturer, or choose Corning® Gorilla® Glass and pick from a range of colors, logos, gigapixel images, and more. Personalization does increase lead-time and price.



move your pod anywhereWheel into Place

If you’re planning to remodel or reconfigure your office at some point, SnapCab Pods are ideally suited for making modifications. You can easily change the wall design, furnishings and other features to accommodate your upgraded office layout.



personalize your podUpdate Your Space

Easily replace one or all of your Pod wall panels to coordinate with new décor.  You can personalize and update your Pod anytime quickly and easily by changing out our innovate SnapCab Panels.  Whether you want to add a pop of color or you have a new logo, you can update your Pod as often as you want!

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How Can You Use SnapCab Pods in a Modular Office Setting?

Examples of the numerous SnapCab Pod applications in a modular office design include: Orange Office Pod

  • Modular booths: The Pod S model will work well as a portable office booth for making confidential telephone calls or as a one-person movable private office.
  • Modular conference rooms: The Pod M and Pod L versions can serve as a movable office meeting space or collaboration area where employees can interact without distractions — or disrupting others in the area.
  • Modular departments: You can use our Pods throughout an entire department to create a work area that fosters collaboration while maintaining individual privacy. For example, you can install a series of Pod S models made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass panels. Each Pod will serve as a movable private space, while the glass will help to maintain an open environment that will encourage whiteboard interaction on the exterior walls among team members.
  • Modular room addition: Our Pods are perfect if you need a fast, practical, cost-effective solution for creating another work area within a room to accommodate one or several new employees.

Discover how a SnapCab Pod can revolutionize your office today.

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Many organizations are making the transition from traditional cubicle layouts to modular cubicle systems. Modular wall systems enable the creation of a more open space environment, which can facilitate collaboration and ultimately increase productivity. A modular office space is also a more ergo-friendly option. It typically includes various built-in adjustments that allow workers to customize their work areas to their individual needs. On the downside, a modular office design can limit privacy, which may be essential in various office environments that require concentration and minimal distractions. As with traditional office layouts, a modular setup can be difficult to modify to accommodate expansion or the need to alter the workspace to meet the organization’s evolving needs. This is why you can count on SnapCab to provide a high-quality Pod for your unique modular office space needs at a competitive price. Contact us to learn more about our modular office Pod solution and receive a no-obligation quote today.